Interview-Women’s Football Future Star Zou Mengyao: Want to represent the Chinese team on the highest podium

Interview | Women’s Future Star Zou Mengyao: Want to represent the Chinese team on the highest podium
In the finals of the U16 Women’s Asian Championships, which ended in the Air Force, the 15-year-old Shaanxi girl Zou Mengyao used a long shot 30 meters away to kill the Americans to help the Chinese women’s team win the third place.It is remembered along with this “world wave”, and her stubborn face that she endured tears after losing to Japan.After a lapse of half a month, Zou Mengyao accepted an interview with Sauna and Yewang. When she mentioned the defeat again, she couldn’t help choking.The World Wave is a result of the practice. “At that time, the ball was released to my feet. I watched as the goalkeeper moved forward, and I took a shot and shot.”Although he made such a beautiful long shot for the first time, Zou Mengyao recalled that the process of scoring was suddenly calm.The wonderful world wave that Zou Mengyao scored.After the game, some teammates joked that the ball was fooled, but Zou Mengyao knew that the previous training was not in vain.”I have deliberately practiced long-range shooting before. After training, everyone has left, so I asked a teammate to stay and shoot together.”Zou Mengyao said that since the preparation for the Asian Youth Championship on August 20 this year, such training continued for more than a month.This is Zou Mengyao’s goal again in the group stage against South Korea.The Chinese team only scored 5 goals in the whole game, and Zou Mengyao arranged two of them.However, neither the weather forecast nor the results of the third runner-up can make up for the regret that she missed the World Championship.In the semi-final against Japan, Zou Mengyao and his teammates stayed in the game for 70 minutes, but lost two consecutive goals in the final stage.”I felt very promising when I scored 0 to 0 in the first half.”When it comes to this, Zou Mengyao has a choked throat.After the game, from the locker room to the bus back to the hotel, no one in the team spoke and wept silently.That kind of depression Zou Mengyao still has fresh memories.After losing to the Japanese team, Zou Mengyao was full of unwillingness.After the game, Zou Mengyao stood on the sidelines and watched his opponent celebrate.She tried not to let the tears soak, but the corners of her mouth were shaking uncontrollably.This scene was captured by the broadcast camera. The stubborn girl in the eyes was full of unwillingness, and was accompanied by the fans with the “World Wave”.Taking Shi Xiaomin as a benchmark After the third-place war, Zou Mengyao embarked on the bus and sat next to Shi Xiaomin as usual.The two smiled tacitly and gave each other a thumbs up.Before Zou Mengyao’s long shot lore, it was Shi Xiaomin’s header that equalized the score.The two Shaanxi provincial teammates flashed at the same time in a crucial battle.Shi Xiaomin also scored a goal against Australia.Photo / China Football Team Official Wei In January 2016, Zou Mengyao and Shi Xiaomin entered the Shaanxi Provincial Team.Prior to this, Shi Xiaomin was selected to the national team training camp under Zheng Maomei, and Zou Mengyao’s national name experience at this time was still zero.”At that time, I felt that Shi Xiaomin was very powerful, and every time he returned from the national team, he took the ball.”Seeing teacher Xiaomin’s progress, Zou Mengyao’s vision for the national team is increasing day by day.” After that, I worked harder and I wanted to reach a level with teacher Xiaomin.In February 2016, Shaanxi Provincial Team won the third place in the National U14 Women’s Football Spring Championship. Outstanding Zou Mengyao was selected for the first time in the national team training camp. He also had 4 teammates including Shi Xiaomin.”I went there and found that many people played very well, all at the same level as Shi Xiaomin.”Zou Mengyao’s initial experience with the national name was not successful, and he was brushed down after a few training sessions.In the next two years, she was selected to the training camp every year, but did not stand out once to enter the selection team.Zou Mengyao said that in the most difficult time, the first year old Shi Xiaomin always encouraged himself like his sister.”Every time I return from the national youth, she will comfort me and say,‘ It ‘s okay, I still have a chance next time. ‘”For many years, the two will still encourage each other in the national team and find problems with each other.The bench time is grateful that Chen Dao always shines with gold. Two years of continuous efforts have made Zou Mengyao a regular visitor to the national team.Last October, she participated in the U16 national team’s training in Xianghe, and was selected for the 26-person Spanish training list.However, just one day before departure, Zou Mengyao was told that there was a problem with his visa.”I was crying terribly at the time. I felt like I was in such a good state. I was able to play the main role from the bench. The only hope was wiped out.”Missing the Spanish training has become a turning point in Zou Mengyao’s state.Since then, she has participated in overseas training sessions, but has never recovered her previous state.In Japan, she almost sat on the bench, and in France, when she was close to the main force, her thigh was strained again.”It’s like traveling,” Zou Mengyao described the confusion during that time.Zou Mengyao sat firmly in the position of the U16 women’s football team.Figure / Dongfang IC During the French training session, Chen Wanting, who was then the national team assistant, gave Zou Mengyao a lot of care.”When practicing pass and catch on the sidelines, Chen Dao pays close attention to the mood of these substitutes and will always encourage us.”After returning from France, when the new coach Villa was unfamiliar with the situation, it was Chen Wanting who handed the main vest to Zou Mengyao.In July of this year, Chen Wanting officially became the head coach of the U16 women’s football team, and Zou Mengyao sat firmly.Before the start of the Asian Games, Chen Wanting called Zou Mengyao’s personality, “Maybe I knew that it was not easy for me to go from the bench to the main force. What Chen Dao said most was to make me more confident.”In the first battle in South Korea, Zou Mengyao rewarded Chen Wanting’s trust with a goal.”The first time I met such a gentle coach.She generally does not get angry, and more encourages us, which makes us very comfortable.”Recalling the five months of working with Chen Wanting, Zou Mengyao was grateful and reluctant.Want to stand on the highest podium in July this year, at a press conference of a certain brand of antiques to help the Chinese women’s football team, Zou Mengyao wore a pink skirt and appeared on the stage with Wang Shuang, Gu Yasha, Peng Shimeng, Wu Haiyan 4 World Cup internationals.Although he often plays games abroad on behalf of the country name, it is the first time for Zou Mengyao to appear in front of the public with such a stylish look.Recalling the scene at the time, Zou Mengyao was still a little shy, “I wanted to get into the crack at that time, and I didn’t want anyone to see me.”Zou Mengyao appeared at the event.Picture / Visual China first contact with Wang Shuang, Wu Haiyan, the elder sister of the adult national team, Zou Mengyao realized the kindness and enthusiasm.Zou Mengyao said that one of her sisters’ actions made her feel very warm. “There were many people coming to the stage to take a group photo. I was very embarrassed to sit by, but Sister Haiyan and Shuangwang took the initiative to ask me to take pictures together.”During Wang Shuang’s stay in the ocean, Zou Mengyao has been paying attention to her development.Although she has not considered going abroad yet, she said that she would prefer to go to the United States if she had the opportunity, “Because the American women’s football team is so powerful, this World Cup won the championship.And the last time the United States trained, I felt that their women’s football itself was great.”In the first half of this press conference, Zou Mengyao saw Sun Wen while shooting the event poster. Being able to communicate with the representatives of the two generations of Chinese women’s football on the same stage is also an incentive for the young Zou Mengyao.Speaking of the future, Zou Mengyao hopes to develop higher places like Wang Shuang and Sun Wen, “it is best to stand on the highest podium in the world on behalf of the Chinese team.”Quickly answer the Beijing News: Who is the football idol?”Zou Mengyao: De Braun.Because he also plays the midfield, the rhythm control and pass penetration are very good. When I was in Thailand, I watched a lot of his game videos.Beijing News: Idols other than football?Zou Mengyao: I liked Deng Lun before.Beijing News: What to do when not playing football?Zou Mengyao: Playing games, some kind of king glory, eating chicken, live football.Beijing News: Will you spend time dressing yourself up?Zou Mengyao: No, just bang bangs.Beijing News: Want to be some kind of person in the future?Zou Mengyao: An honest and honest person.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Li Xiangling