Computer work for women’s nutrition and health care

Computer work for women’s nutrition and health care

Computer work women are special mental workers.

  They sit in front of the computer for a long time, and they are harmed by the radiation of the body cause. Because of the continuous attention to the screen, the eyes are also hurt to varying degrees, and the vision is affected.

Due to work, the mentality of people working in computers is always high and the brain is tired.

Therefore, in the diet arrangement, we must improve their health through food nutrition. The following points should be noted: Eat high-phospholipid foods and eat foods high in phospholipids, such as egg yolks, fish, shrimps, walnuts, peanuts.Wait, these foods can make people work more efficiently.

  Select healthy foods to choose healthy foods such as animal liver, pork loin, milk, butter, peanut kernels, walnuts, carrots, greens, spinach, Chinese cabbage, day lily, lettuce, spinach, mustard, alfalfa, tomato, etc.Regular consumption of these foods will alleviate eye fatigue, improve vision and protect the eyes.

  Please pay attention to the basic balance of diet and nutrition. According to the indicators of the reasonable diet of adults in traditional institutions, the average daily intake per person should be 2400 kcal, and the absorption of protein is about 70 grams, which can basically balance the diet and nutrition.

Should eat more lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs.

  Eat more foods high in cellulose. Many computer workers are always nervous and emotionally excited. Therefore, vitamins in the body are consumed faster, so eat more foods with high vitamin content such as carrots, celery, dried fruits, preserved fruits, pineapples, etc.
  Eat more food amino acids containing amino acids to make energy, increase understanding, focus on concentration.

To supplement amino acids, you can eat milk, fish, eggs and other foods.

  Eat less foods that contain fat and sugar. These foods have prolonged obesity and subsequently caused cardiovascular disease and should be eaten as little as possible.