The secret that will be exposed on the first night of the wedding

The secret that will be exposed on the first night of the wedding

Whose heart has a secret, will it be at night, just like the princess of Shrek, suddenly become a female monster?

He is obviously a refined and talented person. In the wedding night, his temperament is like a summer weather.

Maybe there are more secrets that you don’t know. Is it another big man’s drama to be staged in a wedding night?

It’s time to wait, the secrets of life between men and women are so big that the living and eating is small to the bed. The other party must have certain secrets that you don’t know. Be prepared for a strong heart. Don’t be loud when you discover these secrets on your wedding night.Don’t be guilty of heartbreaking. Want to keep secret, but it is exposed on the wedding night?

  Yes, before the wedding, you really have a common living together. You think that you are well aware of all the other parties.

  However, before they have made up their minds and made up their minds and walked into marriage together, they often have a last-minute reservation.

Once the newlyweds, happy newcomers, there is no reason for Tibetan mastiffs, then the last habit of “Bin” in the life of the first stage of this stage, the scene of “lost armor unloading”.


Can’t go to bed only because wet hair don’t believe it, your bride may be so stubborn, usually you see her glamorous, the newlyweds naturally take a bath and lie, but she is not willing to go to bed.

  She may not be in the perfection of perfectionism, but it is really only the difference between a small habit of life, a passionate night and an eternal marriage contract, that is, you can see the true side of your partner’s life.

  If the hair is wet, she will never get a pillow. If you know how to blow her long hair at this time, instead of worrying about the following program, the bride will not go to bed and be depressed, then a beautiful sex hobby will beTo be staged.


Is it a habit to be unwilling to take off your clothes after the light?

Advise you not to dig deep into the other half.

  The point is that he or she is not used to wearing your clothes in front of you.

If there are too many secrets on the wedding night, it seems that the bodies of both men and women are not secrets, and there are no taboos.

However, if you encounter a situation where you want to turn off the lights, it is easier for you to complete the romantic bedtime of the wedding night.

  This is a small habit of living in a person for many years, because marriage has become a small secret to be discovered by the other party.

I was worried before, what can I do if I can’t be understood by the other party?

I am afraid that the nightmare and shame of the night will eventually turn into an unpleasant beginning that cannot be understood by each other.

At this time, the thick nerve endings are the “must be the magic weapon” you need!

In the future, you will be struggling for the face of different habits, and you will have a lasting aftertaste.


You never found out that he likes colored stories. There is never too much sex in the story. On the wedding day, he just reached the climax. He exposed a colored joke or story that I really want to tell you, and tells you that I want to tell you.Some time, just worried about you before marriage, I think he has bad habits and is suspicious of him.

  Some brides will be very disappointed, and feel that their perfect wedding night is not so romantic and beautiful, and some newcomers have discovered common small habits from now on. It is just to let this habit endure, and to bury each other’s passions in the regular sex activities.

  Start a new sex from the wedding night, and count as a good start.


It turns out that the other party does not love romantic men and women who have been intoxicated by the romantic mood and plot before the wedding sex. In addition to the self-indulgence of the imaginary change, it is indeed implemented in the body.

Some romantic programs designed especially for the wedding night, whether made in China or foreign-made, have an alternative reaction when the program encounters a BUG.

  The candlelight is decorated with a dreamy wedding room. The next shot is a passionate newcomer who saves the clothes thrown on the candle. Borrowing the mirror to increase the visual stimulation, then having to see the hands and feet kicked in the mirror; the bride enjoys the romance and thenThe groom who is looking forward to seeing, don’t toss up next time, tired enough; the bride’s beautiful poetry metaphor, the groom is worried that the bed of this life will start from the hanging bag.

Distinguishing these romantic feelings is purely a temporary rise or a personality, and the forbearance and cooperation of small habits can usher in the highest realm.

  The habit of bed, let the newly married you want to “fit” can not really be the first time, or the equivalent of the first “bed journey”, both nervous, excited, and the various psychology in which dignity is self-protected, youAnd your new partner, you need to figure out the secret of the other side, in addition to different living habits, there are many bed movements.


You don’t know, the other person prefers the posture of “that” posture. You must have discussed and practiced the newlyweds. The wrong men and women are not in the minority. Maybe in order to make the other person more comfortable, think the other person’s suggestion or the same position.It shows the other person’s certain posture hobbies.

But I did not expect that this is the psychology of the other party.

You all think that the other person loves the “that” posture.

  On the wedding night, you can’t bear to bully again. I think I will use this posture to develop to the climax in the future. I have to “make death” advice. In fact, I don’t like it. I prefer it. The good result is that the other person said that he is actually like you.In this way, it is easier to find their own love, and more infinite cooperation with limited conditions, especially this newlywed night, with new attempts, unhappy to death?

The result is that I am thinking of “The Ghost of the Opera”, “I can’t sleep tonight,” and you repeat the “that” posture and swear that it is the last time.  2.

A piece of love, you think that you have found a color ghost, there have been male and female friends, the bride and groom are still concerned about the night of their new wedding, when one of the newcomers, in the bed behavior or proverb, a plot of ADo you pretend to cooperate with it, or debunk his or her super imitation show?

  Don’t be afraid, she or he will find you are the same.

  Maybe you love to stay in the room and watch the old TV series that was popular in the 1990s, but I am afraid that others will say that you are nostalgic and old-fashioned; maybe your lover will go out fashionably and be willing to dress up like your own mom and dad.

The A complex is just a visual habit, and a researchable exploration of the “opponent” of the unknown.

Don’t rush to classify it in lascivious, infidelity, etc. It may give you new bed sports ideas and increase your talks after your new marriage.


It turns out that he likes – eating from your body, love, smoking, foraging, is the instinctive habit of human beings from the time of the baby, and continues to sex. It is a love that is beyond its kind, and a man’s love for a woman’s body.The woman’s enthusiasm for the man’s organs, on the wedding bed, can be staged by the amazing “washing out” and “sucking”.

  If it is the first such scene on the wedding day, one party is likely to be intimidated by the habit of the other party.

Usually men have more enthusiasm for sucking women’s bodies.

  In the past, maybe it was just a small love. Finally, we must be permanently combined. We can no longer worry about anything. The hot request of the groom will surprise the bride and make the bride reach its peak.

  How do you face the secret of a new marriage?

  ”Every family has a secret that is unknown.” This is the narration of the American drama “Desperate Housewives”, and then reveals the inside story of the seemingly happy family on Wisteria Street.

  A person is a voyeuristic animal. For a sexual habit that he cannot be outside, he always wants to keep its secret index.

In the newlywed lover, whether these habits or secrets can pass, the perfection of sex and the emotional intensity of the two are a watershed.

  These sexually related habits, from the night of the new marriage, have already hinted at you, whether the newly married men and women can read these hints, whether they give enough cooperation to each other within the scope of these hints, and also give themselves enoughSpace affects the relationship between the two sexes in marriage and the degree of harmony with previous marriages.

  Disclosure or confidentiality depends on the wisdom of the newcomer. The basis is the degree of love between the newlyweds. They are always willing to accept everything from the other side and have reservations. In the life after marriage, they often make discounts.

Some secret couples have the same secrets on both sides. No one can use a language that only two people can understand. It is meant to be spoken. Some secrets have been exposed since the wedding day, and there is no mystery.Some were forcibly removed and completely decrypted.

In the process, the newlyweds are polished to embrace the family’s philosophy and embrace the marriage.

  The secret is known because it is very tempting in nature. Newly-married men and women must learn to pay attention to secrets temporarily, and then slowly correct their own ideas. At the same time, they face the secret feelings of each other and wait for the secret to show you the style.Time is coming.