Summer Fitness Fitness Fertilizer Program

Summer Fitness Fitness Fertilizer Program

In the face of my increasingly “slim” body, I decided to implement my “long-planned” fitness and fattening program this summer.

In the past, the weight was specifically weighed on a one-dimensional electronic scale, and the height was measured.

The specific data are as follows: Name: Yao Lei Gender: Male nationality: Han married No: No height: 179 (net height) Weight: 118 (very cup) I did not expect that I grew taller, it seems that the value of this piece of copper money,At least than to see the Expo value.

Looking at the weight of my 179 and the weight of 118, I really feel a trace of sadness, how can I grow fat?

Usually my mom will appear at this time and tell me that you are naturally fat after marriage.

I am speechless, this you can also be linked to marriage. Hey, every day, Coke and meat are exchanged for such a result, and Heaven does not help me!

  As the saying goes, seeking for the sky is not as good as asking for yourself. I decided to plan for this summer fitness and fattening. The content is as follows: Every Monday, March 5th is Fitness Day (sounds weird), 264 is Basketball Day (not as good as Fitness Day)Nice to hear).

  During the fitness day, I practiced for two days. From 9:00 to 10:30 in the morning, I will practice for the morning. The specific items will pull the ligament for 30 minutes, the nunchaku for 30 minutes, push-ups for 30/group × 3, and the abdominal wheel for 15/group × 3;From 7:00 to 9:00, it is a late exercise, with dumbbells as the mainstay.

Expanded chest 10 / group × 3, fly 15 / group × 3, bench press 20 / group × 3.

  Basketball only plays basketball, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 am, and rests on Sunday.

  Also do it. Try to have breakfast in the morning, eat rice at noon and at night, two bowls, drink two cans of Coke, three popsicles, and one glass of snow.


I don’t believe that I can’t reach 130 after the summer vacation!

By that time, when you play the game, you don’t have to change your direction any more. You can also sit and push in, ah hahaha!