How to do a Chinese medicine massage to the spot

How to do a Chinese medicine massage to the spot

White, innocent skin is what many MM dreams of having. After all, such an external image will give extra points to the workplace.

But unfortunately, the spotted spots will always appear quietly in the MM blacks, leaving MM unprepared.

Massage and beauty can dilute the stain to a certain extent and promote the appearance of the face.

The following small series gives you a detailed introduction to the four methods of massage and delicate ecchymosis: 1, the spotted finger licking method: the thumb belly is in front of the point position, the circle is rotated, and the force is gentle and gentle, 50-60 times per minute.The movement is coordinated with rhythm. The action area is between the epidermis and the dermis. It takes about half a minute to make a point in each of the front points. The purpose is to let the stopped pigments loose in a small range.

  2, the face refers to the method: the thumb is straight, the other four fingers are gripped, the center of the spot is pressed with the end of the thumb, the pressing direction is vertical, the force is from light to heavy, stable and continuous, so that the stimulation is fully penetrated to the epidermis and leather.Between, bogey and sudden shaking after exerting force.

The penetration point is extended from the center to the periphery to reach the edge of the spot.

  3, the face palm massage method: the palm of the hand rubs, produces performance, put the palm on the entire spot, do a loop and have a rhythmic movement, smooth, counterclockwise light, frequency about 50-60 times per minute,Spreading the locally diffused pigment to a wider range facilitates rapid absorption.

  4, the spotted finger smear method: the side of the thumb and the end of the index finger, in a certain part of the point, the inner extension is linearly moved, the pressure should be balanced, the smearing speed should be slow, and the force should be light and not floating during operation.Heavy and not stagnate, spreading the loose melanin around.

  MM massage should be gentle, avoid opening the lips and eye circumference; use a better massage cream, which can improve the massage effect.

MM should also pay attention to cutting nails and washing hands before massage.