This gentle dough surface, then less, but every time the inevitable opening sharply when it comes to focus.

  Meng Wei confess the people an insight into the heart of the most dangerous people, hastened an excuse to leave in a hurry.
  When she went to the kitchen, lunch is ready in half, Lin aunt already sweating profusely in the cooking, even Mengwei to the side did not see.
  Meng Wei Seeing some doubts: “Lin aunt, how do you now do four dishes?Logically, should not almost ready yet?”
  ”Wei, you’re here,” Lin aunt while cooking while taking the time glanced Meng Wei, wiped the sweat, until the dish presentation, snappily said: “Today is not the procurement of human body suddenly uncomfortable , seeing all had an hour, I urge people to know these things, then I had to hurry to find someone to buy back, so to now.”
  I did not expect this kind of thing, although the kitchen is indeed protect the country HoufuThere are a lot of ingredients, but such a hot day to put a lot of food is not fresh and refreshing one day, you can, but it is not alright to eat when the master Fuchu servant to do, let alone today to the four princes and Chu Gongzai the identity of the two precious people, many of the ingredients is bound to prepare freshly picked, as is a new map.
  In addition to that do not require much cooking vegetables can let other people do it, the rest of the dishes in the past are hand-made forest Aunt.
  If the past is also what not, but now I’m aunt obviously some busy.
  Home visitors, even if the four princes of Chu convulsions and deep relationship with Ye Zichuan, but Ms. Hou Yu protect the country and protect the country Hou to be accompanied in the next, and therefore how the meal can not get away.
  Lin aunt did some small mind, but she is also very caring, think of this, roll up their sleeves Mengwei moment, facing Lee Dowling aunt aunt aside: “aunt, you can borrow stove?”
  ”Of course, of course, how fast you will do, although with.”
  Lee aunt flattered her craft like a general, but in the past and others are doing the general government in the mess servant, and later because of soiled Mengwei light, this time as masters is so fortunate to taste a lot of forest aunt craft after understanding their craft and Lin aunt differences to admire more Mengwei.
  Before she came back to see Mengwei every kitch北京夜网en has a true child of the forest around the next turn aunt, but also worry and Mengwei befriend no chance, now Mengwei the initiative to open to use her stove, and so kind of look, Lee aunt moment the hearts of a lot of goodwill, hastened to agreed.
  Meng Wei is also rude, pick up a shovel and looked at the ingredients, Lin aunt said: “This beeswax pork and chicken as well as peach crisp lotus I do, and that you also keep me budworm, leaving other you like to.”
  ”Well, thank the Wei.”
  With the help of Meng Wei, and soon will do the dishes, two little relieved: “Fortunately, did not miss the time, wanted to have someone of Laicui.”
  Meng Wei voice was off, Ms. Hou Ye beside Yudie happened to appear in the kitchen, one hand over his nose, his eyes full of dislike: “Lin aunt, Mrs. say you can on board, do not know how you prepare the?”
  ”I can tell his wife, now will be able to send, take the trouble to trip the girl Yudie.”
  ”Placed meal of it.”
  Meng Wei Lin aunt at the side renowned for smiling, but Yudie that the eye does not see one, turned around to leave, as if this is what dirty kitchen powerhouse General.
  Human eleven until the end of lunch to go, Lin aunt this convergence smile, snappily Pieliaopiezui: “This girl is really white blind Yudie clothes good appearance, his wife is so gentle water, which Yudie a small but full of arrogance slaves, where they go up the nostrils, like how superior was like, really I thought someone holding her, if not his wife, what she considered a!”
  ”Lin aunt does not have to be angry, but always an outsider nothing, and I heard that she was so arrogant, because his wife intend to give this Yudie a small room on the Duke maidservants.”
  Lin aunt could not help such a cautious will Mengwei La into a corner, whispered: “Wei, you listen to these words from where the?Masters, then we can not let chaos talkin ‘.”
  Meng Wei Lin aunt’s eyes looked down, they saw that the Hu Xu aunt and aunt in the kitchen door while carrying a stool melon seeds, they are responsible for doing the palace servant of food, but now masters did not eat, nature fail to get at the palace people eat, so they naturally had now empty, he went to the side of the melon seeds to chat.
  Lin aunt know this because they are afraid they know to their cause trouble, Mengwei a warm heart: “Lin Auntie Do not worry, I will naturally not utter these words of unrelated people, this is my house before wandering time, listen Lady yard little maidservants say.”