y decided to not give him the job.”

  Wen listened to nine words, Xiao Yu came over to hold her in his arms: “You girl, is not still not assured?”
  He frowned, as if from warm nine years, he can identify them, Wen nine pairs thing planting flowerbeds, is quite care about.
  Xiao Yu understand temperature Nine, his woman, the body is still the same, but the soul, not the original that the.
  Xiao Yu know, nine out of character with the warm thing to do way with other women in this age, is then finished different, completely different.
  Women of this age are three from the four virtues, do not go outside the big thing, at most about home is the management of the inner chamber of thing, what do business, do business, big money, these words a child, with a woman who never nothing relationship.
  However, in 北京夜网the eyes of other people, can not be detached children with a woman thing, but all warm nine have done.
  Xiao Yu Wen love Ni杭州夜网论坛ne, of course, completely accept all nine temperature.
  But, sometimes, he always felt warm nine thin shoulders, to carrying so many things, like a heavy burden, he was afraid of her tired.
  Winn nine with a long time, Xiao Yu will know better than anyone, she worked up, it is how to focus, how the investment will forget everything around.
  Study medicine when is the case, when the drawing, too, locked himself in the Medical Center, the study perfumes, is such a.
  Even a few days ago, to help manage the family Hsiao Hou Fu, she is one hundred percent of the investment, even become tired.
  If it were not pregnant, I’m afraid she will keep working.
  So, Xiao Yu to worry about now.
  About thing planting flowerbeds, and he does not want to worry about that kind of warm nine.
  First, she really does not allow the physical con杭州桑拿洗浴dition.
  Moreover, Xia