So Tang Siu-tong body looks simple clothes decoration, there are hundreds of thousands, sealing stiffly understand the meaning of the letters Qianyang.

  Tang Xin family is not really even Petty, plus the house Zhibuding made fifteen to 10 000.
  But can Tangxin wearing less expensive watches.
  First, no matter where you come from Tang Siu-tong in the end these luxuries, but since it can not杭州桑拿 just wear from hundreds of thousands of tables, really care about the money?Really worth the money she made up a lie?Black has been braving the risk of the whole network?
  Feng Yang beautiful facial features light frown on it, sitting next to Tangxin call her cry, Yang Feng looked up at the light Tangxin, mouth to ask Tang Tang is not really false money.
  Tangxin see her face is not very good, only when it is the cause of Tang Siu-tong, without thinking said, “stiffly all right, we do not exist when she.”
  Seal stiffly to his lips, then suddenly I swallowed back.
  The first row boys, watching from time to time to look back sealing stiffly Tang Tang a deep breath, stand up.
  Tate’s husband is not too good to bully a woman.
  However, it is Tang Siu-tong to bully seal stiffly earlier, brewing for quite a while, he decided to help seal stiffly export gas.
  Tang Tang seated, only to find suddenly do not seem to know what the next lesson, the students are preparing to take to find the front of the school timetable look at the table next to crowd around a few people.
  Several boys stand in front of Tang Tang, a look of hesitation.
  Tang Tang puzzling.
  He 南宁桑拿论坛looked up at the front of the boys, the boys when she was over here that look a natural escape, “I, I I told you.”
  Tang Tang looked down and caught a glimpse of the boys dip a hand full of chalk, took out the bag and pulled out a pack of wet wipes, ugly and handed the two boys,
  ”Do you want wiped his hands?”
  Boys surprised a moment, take a look at the bow eye is chalk full of their own hands, then remember he was just ready to cry w