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  1159 warm-loving nine

  After 67 days rest, nine body temperature also reply almost.
 深圳桑拿网 In the help remove rot myogenic paste, Xiao station basically wound healing, have been reared back to the Xiao Houfu.
  Zao now replaced the warm September, Xiao Yi became a physician, he went along with Xiao Yi Xiao Hou Fu time watching, anything unusual circumstances, will be immediately sent to Yamaha street over here, notice Wen nine.
  Zhaizi Prancing Horse Street, can be considered to restore calm.
  Wen nine because the body is good about it, it makes the Gu Sheng-hung from the clouds to take back home, but also to Xiao Yu to go back to the barracks.
  However, Xiao Yu has made it nine isothermal body completely healed, will go to the barracks.
  Wen nine know, in this regard, she is fail to beat Xiao Yu’s.
  Gu Hong Sheng also just came home, my son will certainly also want to close with dad, so it never mind the fate of Xiao Yu.
  Since this period, the temperature nine physical discomfort, where to go, Xiao Yu is holding her.
  This has als北京夜网o allowed Yamaha Street serve the people feel warm relationship with Xiao Yu nine two people goes a step further.
  Lian Li Momo’s house, both ear hair from time to time in the warm September, Xiao Yu to say no to let the room to sleep at night, to warm the initiative to invite nine Xiao Yu went to her bedroom to stay.
  Wen nine to everyone’s expectations, did not accept all of the.
  After this child, though she felt the relationship with Xiao Yu two people changed for the better, become intimate.
  However, she does not think she should immediately how how with Xiao