Goddess milking into meters

Emperor Shen Nong open early species of millet, they are shell shell, a shell open shell, inside and only a few should be required.Shennong can not think of the idea, the focus was sleepy could not sleep, looking for some fairy to discuss the matter.One day, he invited Nvwo and several other gods to eat at noon.Please go to pot when the woman, Nvwo was washing clothes, she said: I came from hanging clothes.Nvwo good drying clothes, go to Shennong.She saw Tanabe Shennong saw millet Zhang Qi is utterly empty shell casing.Nvwo think: This Zage quest?Untied clothes squeeze some milk in those shell casing head.Since then, the Valley of the yard meters long.Nvwo milking time is noon, so the millet is flowering at noon.