She originally thought Zhu spring grass can be really good wife is a dutiful mother, I did not expect Zhu spring grass secretly turned out to be such a!

  She had to bear to aquatic feed plant cleaning work, as aquatic feed mill over and over again expand the scale and scope of work Du Granny follow naturally bigger.
  The original small site, Du old woman a day to and fro cleaned twice a now much larger venue, let alone cleaned twice a day, once a 2-day cleaning, Du Granny’s old legs and old arms too much.
  Today, Zhu returned to her sp广州桑拿网ring grass actually do find a job, Du Granny can not air it?
  ”Thousands of operators million, did not count old daughter we seem real eye, but it is actually a little water ruthless man, is not sympathetic to their own grandfathers and grandmothers older, you can not move to make a living doing all day thinking It is to allow them to fulfill their obligations to the elderly, to give them their remaining.These people how so much of it?”
  ”Zhu spring grass is not a fool, and she originally thought quite honest, the results look now, but also calculating a simmering belly, in order to make money, not whether elderly people live or die, those in the original are certainly sensible caring ostentatious!”
  Granny grew more gas Du, Du Zhenguo put back to a pass swearword.
  ”You couple in the end of the disc Suansha?Can you give me a framework to draw, let me know what?I’m busy every day your mother back almost straight up, I have to give you a young married woman also arrange a variety of manual labor, whether it is the daughter, or is it the enemy?”

  62 Chapter herbal tea
  If put in before, certainly Du Granny directly on Zhu spring grass to find something to say, and can now use the service next spring grass Zhu and Wang Xuemei Gu Xuanzhi are developed, the old woman did not dare pick on Du’s daughter, only to pull his son a curse come through.
  Son is natural, not to mention calling him ten eight is call him one hundred, he dared Huanzui?
  Du Zhenguo really can not, he badgered to talk about things, something a lot of persuasion and only then to An Fuan Du Granny down, put it back on the spring grass with Zhu.
  Zhu spring grass and fear of trouble Granny Du, Du Zhenguo is spring grass with Zhu said, “young married woman, our mother not very young, let’s not let her more busy, if busy, let’s move more some people do chant.”
  Zhu spring grass astonished, “does not mea南宁桑拿n what our mother before her restless?I think certainly can not let her do the job tired, let her go to the possession of the distribution of herbal tea thing.Hey, you come back to our mother over there just is not our mother also do not want to say sorry with me, so when you come to a megaphone?”