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  603 pigs and dogs than scum

  Wenming Yu dare to take the ransom is also the reason why the Spring and Autumn big dream, it is because he could never have dreamed that those officers and soldiers who will be Xiao Jiajun.
  Wenming Yu thought, maybe these soldiers is to bandits, came here.
  Even Lu Liang reported the government, county government in the efficiency of those who Detective, We深圳桑拿网nming Yu know better than anyone, those who are impossible in such a short period of time, to find Cuiyun cottage, know the temperature is nine here’s kidnapping!
  So, hiding behind the wood Wenming Yu think this is surely happen to the.
  Since the officers and men coming up the mountain bandits, they will find it impossible, tied up in the cave temperature nine.
  And other officers and men of the bandits were captured, nine became warm flesh of his case of the board, there are warm nine in hand, he would be able to get that million ounces of silver from the ransom Lu Liang, also not with those bandits they divide, this is a much better thing for him!
  Twelve thousand silver, except that he also owed before the high shadow bags, also left a good two thousand, two thousand this, but good enough for him to play a long time!
  Wenming Yu广州桑拿网 know where, Wen nine stationed a number Xiao Jiajun, but also in Yu Xiao Xiao Jiajun Marshal, Xiao Jiajun’s ability to track the investigation, but thousands of times worse than those in the county government Detective who.
  His big dream of spring and autumn, all of a sudden for foam, even a slag slag none lef