Night back to the hostel.

  Long Yan Yu saw the dormitory and another roommate Wangzhan Fei turned out to be holding a cell phone, etc. relying on the corridor, went into quarters.
  Yan Yu can become quarters long, because he repeat for two years, the students are older than some of.Quadruple dorms, four were on the lower end accepted professional swap over, it is assigned to a dorm room.
  Everyone loves nothing geology, winter enrollment process after most are busy working part-time, gone forever, and the other at the moment is not in the corridors of roommate Cen wave is put a duck, all-weather addicted to the game.
  Yan Yu and Wang Zhanfei touches every serious class, wondering whether it does not turn to turn professional, better results, after which way is not imaginary.
  They work to help almost bottom in the winter and playing games Cheng Cen A wave named to a cover.
  ”Hey?Cheng Dong Did not you say you did not come back on Monday night?”Wang Zhanfei just brushing news on the phone, looked up and saw coming along the corridor carrying a backpacking journey winter painting barrel, strange asked.
  ”Ok.”Cheng Dong in a low voice should be the one, do not want to explain anything, to change the subject and said:” how do you not go?”
  ”Hey.This time I was not spoiled child of the waves, waiting for him to copy over, do not give