Triad on my side

Into show business in mid-1972 to mid-1979 period of seven years, I took 55 plays.Live day and night reversed a long-term lack of sleep the day, with gains and losses heavy heart, can not afford under the enormous pressure, I broke down.  1979 mid-winter, I left the complex film industry, to the US study.Not so much learning, as it is healing.  A black pants suit, lanky body, appears in Taipei Songshan Airport (CKS Airport was not yet).Vast future, even if it is thought to work in a restaurant, than live under unbearable pressure their own good.  In the United States drove my first red Firebird sports car, walk in every corner of California, enjoying the California sunshine, enjoying time at their disposal and free thinking fun.  In the United States a year and a half, I took a Hong Kong films, “Love Kill”.Summer of 1981 returned to Taiwan, art films are no longer popular, stead is Cinema City style comedy, as long as the cinema city produced the film, must be a guarantee of box office.Heartthrob did not become less popular, replaced some of the comedian, actor hard foundation, comedian, even the dramas of the girls have to play to flex its muscles like vicious Shoula.I always play this romance to tragedy actor, actually have ubiquitous ball play cyclops goggles, wearing high boots holding a spear, a look of indifference, people learn Causing loss of lives.  Returned to Taiwan three years, I took 14 plays.A Qiong Yao’s Romances, a piece of the Army, three gangster films, six comedy flick, an intelligence piece, two piece costume sword, staff contact is very complex, these people like me in the movies , also privately staged a real life guns and knives fist rivers and lakes piece.  In the first day of filming “buyer beware”, and the scene of a shy smile, diminutive man, he and I climbed a few words, I feel this person is very interesting.Later I heard he is a triad boss, the boss is ×, looking for my filming.I think he was shy like a good man to help him took several plays.He considered a gang of people unjustly, and did not let me suffer.  Taiwan’s traffic mess, and once he sat in my car, next to the car does not observe traffic rules, I shouted, he was actually startled me.Another time everybody dinner, he advised me to Brandeis angle nightclub listening to music, although I want to see, but worried that occasion will be a mess, he shyly smiled and said: the most chaotic in around you, you have nothing to fear?makes sense.  Several plays taken back to Taiwan, the box office results are good, so I became a sought-after actor.That for me it is not a good thing.Many gangster have to find the door, I really do not want to pick them play, but also how to push shirk.They shot forthright and willing to accept all the conditions are, if not then, then, would be tantamount to toast Monastic.  One night, a gangster who, carrying a bag, filled with cash, 2.5 million Taiwan bills covered my living room coffee table.When he left, I got the bedroom, into a small safe inside, but how can not go all the plugs and had to come up with a part in a drawer until the next day the bank.  After my friends know pinched the cold sweat, that I too bold.I believe it is, then the whole family in the United States, I am the only person in Taipei, in case what happened, how it can be won across from the police station, shooting the air when I returned to my little white car back seat rest, secretary leaves Lynn several times to remind me not to open the trunk.I find it strange that I’m doing all right after opening the trunk?The original producers put a lot behind the pistol.  At night, there are a producer and I drove to Taichung secretary Ye Lin filming to wait until dawn began to shoot, shoot my part I draw a line to another site.Because I was tired, fell asleep on the back seat, suddenly bang bang, everyone was shocked, Ye Lin and producer turned to look at me, I had rolled under the seat.I saw Ye Lin’s face very ugly, and said: I’m fine!He went to sleep.It was day, out of the car, Ye Lin whispered in my ear tell me why she looks pale as she touched a gun in the front seat.  Dawn, I shoot night scenes and Derek Yee, very tired, after a ridge and saw a Mercedes-Benz car stuck in the rice fields, many people think of ways to get it up, I do not bother to glance at.Studios brother said that car was to pick us up, and Derek Yee immediately got into my car and said he would take my little old car is not willing to take their Mercedes.In the car, Derek Yee said, standing in the Mercedes-Benz car and the man, his face cold, ferocious eyes.I heard him call ×××, I press homophonic gave him the nickname screwdriver.  Filming the scene, make-up time, there was a gang brother, tentatively asked me: on foot, you will not lend me money?I do not pretend to know what is running, the person next to help explain, I had an idea: Pooh!Pooh!Pooh!Do not tell this ominous words.Later, Derek Yee whisper to me: I was just very nervous for you, you would not know how to say.Fortunately, you have to answer wit!  We took the fight Coconut restaurant fashion piece, entered the restaurant feeling strange atmosphere, there was a tall, thick, curly hair curly, his face a scar man, standing at the table makeup, makeup artist pulled me to the side, He told me he was my bodyguard, nicknamed called the Little rose.Really laugh, so the shape is actually called the Little Rose, I am partial to call him Scar Little Rose.We shoot at the restaurant entrance, a small scar Rose sat on the opposite minibus.Photographed firing of drama, very loud gunfire, say when that moment, opposite the bus suddenly jump out of a man pointing a gun in our direction, we have actually put a scare, the original small roses that here there is a shootout.We made ridiculous, but endured did not dare laugh.  In Yangmingshan shoot night scenes, the mountains to the two filmmakers.I heard that they have to bring along a samurai sword, but also that there will be bloody things happen, but fortunately finally happy.They had three plays are assigned to eight hours a day.Only twenty four hours a day, it means I never get any sleep for days.  At that time I wanted to leave Taiwan this non-circle, to the development of Hong Kong.In 1984 just invited me to Hong Kong director Ringo Lam film “Marty”, I readily agreed.  Since then Hong Kong for about pick one, I was in Hong Kong to stay at, and now is a true Hong Kong.  Recall the days of the year in the underworld around me, to get out, really God bless.