Seven idiomatic ways to seduce a woman

Seven idiomatic ways to seduce a woman

First, the seduce method of throwing stones to ask directions.

The majority of men in society who use this seduce method usually appear like ghosts next to women, asking you for a few hours, asking you how someone is going, how far is there in a certain place . and then asking youName, and then he asked in a false way what happened, and he would say, do I need help?

If the woman is committed, his seduce is half done.

  Second, break the seduce method of alienation.

This seduce usually happens to men who two men love a woman.

The two men might have been a pair of iron buddies before, but for women, they will soon be bruised.

Like a pair of iron buddies C and D in our company, C went to Shanghai for a business trip, and his wife was at home. Ding often came to C’s home to visit the door. When chatting, he talked about this C with a marriageHow is a woman like a woman, how can C’s wife not believe Ding, Ding is Cing’s iron buddy!

Soon, Cing’s wife participated in Ding’s embrace.

Bing was arrested immediately by Bing who came back one night.

  Third, seduce first.

This is the trick that hooligan men are most adept at.

Regardless of whether your woman loves me or not, I will do everything I can to tell you, after you, you are not mine, but if you are mine, I will do it and you will see that men will like you.

Let your belly dry and talk about love again.

Women with traditional values will be helplessly seduced by such men.

Because she thinks that she is his son, she might as well marry him, maybe the relationship can be cultivated.

  Fourth, the seduce method of bitterness.

This seductive method is used in large numbers. We often see it in novels, and it is no exception in real life.

This kind of man stubbornly fights, can’t entangle a woman, he will not hit a woman, but he is cheap.

Write a blood book, cut your breasts, burn yourself with smoke, and lie drunk on the street . A compassionate woman cannot escape this method, and a few rounds will be moved by tears and follow him.

  Fifth, the seduce method of empty city plan.

Obviously, the seduce method is best for men who are only beautiful.

How does he sing the empty city? There is no woman in his city, but he shows it to women, there are women everywhere, the standard model of the popular lover, this woman does n’t want to tea for him, and that woman is for himIt’s down . Anyway, when a woman is afraid that she will be treated as a baby in a village without a shop, he laughs secretly.

  Six, pretending to be a chance encounter.

Obviously the seduce method is the favorite of male colleagues and students.

They often appear in the library or in the dining room or on the road: when a woman sits, he sits opposite to the woman; when a woman eats, he stands with the bowl in front of the woman; the woman goes with a bagOn the street, he and the woman are crowded in the same public bus . When a woman sees him, he will make up for it, are you here?

  Sixth, seduce the dead heart.

This method of seduce is a method by which innocent and innocent men are desperate.

Why do they say they have no choice?

Because he spotted the man and woman, he decided that this dead end, even if it was dead, would die in this dead end.

He wasn’t interested in other women, he was interested in this one, and there was no way.

It can be said that love will not die until the Yellow River, and the sky will collapse.

Women have no love for this kind of men, and they will have emotions, and the slick lakes are seduced.