2021 "Emergency Pioneer · Beijing Sample" online vote is hot

In order to promote the construction of the capital emergency management system, vigorously promote the city’s emergency management front and advanced characters, advanced collectives, and play an excellent typical demonstration leading role, Beijing Emergency Emergency Committee Office, Beijing Emergency Administration, Capital Spirit Civilization Construction Committee The Office, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League jointly launched the "emergency pioneer · Beijing exotic" advanced typical selection promotional activities. Since the launch of the activities since 2016, the activity has chosen a large number of outstanding characters and advanced collectives, covering fire, forest defense, public security, gas, petrochemical, emergency rescue and other industries.

2021 "Emergency Pioneer · Beijing Outter" activity adheres to the grass-oriented layer, from the top and lower layer. After the review from April to August, 100 weekend people, 30 moon list people were selected in the fields of safe production, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency management, and publicized and established a group of industrial pioneers in emergency fields in the city. The central and municipal media trace reports.

According to the event requirements, the "emergency pioneer · Beijing exotic" online voting is now carried out, and the number of votes is the important reference for the "emergency pioneer · Beijing exotic" annual list. The general public can participate in online voting on September 16th – September 30, 2021, and leave a message for excellent "emergency pioneer · Beijing exotic". Voting method: Focus on "Beijing Emergency" official WeChat public number, click on "Emergency Pioneer Vote", authorize the entry into the 2021 "Emergency Pioneer · Beijing Outter" interface for voting and message.