Notice!4 kinds of prescription drugs such as Schisandi capsules and children, seven-star tea particles, transformed into non-prescription drugs

People’s Network Beijing August 24 (Reporter Sun Hongli) According to the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration, the State Food and Drug Administration recently released an announcement, according to relevant regulations, organized or evolved and approved, Shenqi Wuzi Capsule, Pediatric Seven Star Tea Granules, WomenCapsules, 4 drugs in Checkle chewable tablets are converted from prescription drugs to non-prescription drugs.

The State Food and Drug Administration said, please ask the relevant drug listing license before November 15, 2021, according to the relevant provisions of the Drug Registration Management, the supplementary application of the revised manual reported to the provincial drug supervision and management department, and will specifyThe revised content in time to notify relevant medical institutions, pharmaceutical business enterprises and other units.

In addition, other content other than the specified content of the non-prescription drug specification specification is performed in accordance with the original approval certificate.

The drug label involves the related content, and should be revised one.

Drugs from the date of applying for the application for filing, may not continue to use the original drug specification.