but,Despite the endless pain,But Li Ming’s control over the body,But easily aware of the changes in my body。

He can clearly feel,Own physical strength、speed、Response to improvements in all aspects。
Seven thousand catties,
Eight thousand catties,
Ten thousand catties,
13 thousand catties。
At the same time a strange and powerful force,Emerge out of thin air,Li Mingke“feel”To,I can control this power。
It’s like bending a finger,As if instinct!
Soon,“Click!”Bang,Cracked surface on the wall,A concrete block flew out directly。
Li Ming’s eyes narrowed,Body turn,At the same time a clever hook on the right foot,One slip,Step again。
The concrete block in the air was torn apart,But with the help of its reaction force,Li Ming has turned into an arrow from the string,Jumped back into the room。
From Li Ming being hit by a cat and flying out the window,Stand in the room again at this moment,Actually, it was only five or six seconds in the past。
Although Li Ming’s whole body is infiltrated with blood donation,Looks terrifying,As if seriously injured。
But he knows very well himself,Just a few breathing rooms,His physical fitness has been improved nearly times,It also has a special ability that can be called strange。
And this cat monster has bent limbs,Pointed claw eject,Make a deep roar,But dare not move too much。Obviously I was shocked by what happened just now,But I haven’t had time to hurt my mother。
Li Ming’s eyes touched the cat monster,Invisible spiritual power bursts,The hair of the strange cat has exploded。It has a kind of anyway,Can’t escape,The feeling of death。
Start first—The radical cure is under the instinct in the blood of cats,Cat monsters burst out of the strongest speed。