“elder sister,you……”Pity and even doubt yourself。

From small to large,I will dare to fight for the month.,I will definitely pay the tragic price.,Uncharged……Maybe invite the moon.,I will give her some——for example《Ming Yucheng》。
Always have never been,What will be made to myself?!
Now my sister actually has to be all myself and Chuiro.?
If it is not a temperament, it is not bad.,Pity and even doubt,This sister is pretended to be pretended.。
Of course, I will think that I’m thinking.,Will not……From the beginning,It’s my misunderstanding.?My sister doesn’t like Chu Lang at all.?
If you want to come,it seems that“My sister likes Chuong”It’s even more strange.?
Patient star,Some is something——Seed seed,I have a ingredient with my sister,But the emotion after the sprout,But will not disappear because of misunderstanding。
“Original sister you……”
“But you will mention him with him later.!”Inviting the moon, I think that Chu Deirers actually know that Jiang Feng is dead.,I still doubt in my heart……Pity is early to know Chu Deirers.。
Just don’t worry about them!
Pity star is a glimpse,Then continue to stun half,Even a red。
Let me be together with Chulang,Don’t mention her?
this is……In order to let Chu Long forget her?
My sister is like Chu’s!
Pity star is ashamed for his own idea,Movement and entanglement。
Even,The creature of the moon can also be perceived,Pity’s mood is not big,Can’t help but confuse:“Why don’t you go??”
“elder sister……you……Don’t go,I don’t want to go!”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 523 Don’t fight again.
I don’t understand the month.,What is the stupid sister today??
I go?What do I do??
“elder sister,I am actually……Not so blame you,You don’t have to bother yourself.。”Pity is so sincerely,So I also said that I cherry.。
no“So”Blame me?In fact, still blame me.?
Invitation month, I want to attack,However, the pity is the next step.,Rare pull her hand,Also invited to invite the month。
“elder sister,Let’s see him together.!”Pity is very sincere and looked at the moon。
Although today’s stupid sister,Performance is very suspicious,But the moon is invited by her inexplicable“Care”,Have a bit of heart。
“Humph,I want to bless you.,Be saver too early……There is a lot of 婢婢 around him.。”Inviting the month to think that the pity star let himself,Is for a sense of ritual。
But I am very pity to respond,Inviting the moon to say that you have moved yourself,Pity is also busy.。
Just hesitate in Jiang Yilang,Do you want to take the initiative to cry?,He and the little fish will follow the neck,Double double fainting。
“Who!”Murong Jiusi busy。
Chu Deirers also immediately put down the stone monument,Stand up,Prevention of the direction behind the small fish and Jiang Yulang,At the same time, I also observed a little fish.——I found that it is only frank,Tone。
I know that the little fish is not dead.,Mainly, it is determined,Come should not have much hostility!
even so,Chu Deirers and Murongjiu is still very nervous——Actually in the face of two people,Show the small fish themselves,And you still have no response?
The people who are in martial arts are only afraid that they are not exceeding two people.……
Invitation of the month and pity star without selling,The two came from the tree together.——Pity star does not wear a mask,It is still familiar with Chu Deirers.,Moon……Copper mask,It is also familiar to the Chu Deirers.。