You……Also together??

certainly,No one dares to ask。
Left cold Zen also got up:“It turned out to be invited to the Moon Palace,Zuo has a farmover。”
Inviting the month, the meaning of the whole, there is no emission,Instead, look to the Chu Deirens:“Here is the smoky,I have finished running hard,It’s so fast to disappoint them.。”
It’s all a lot of people here.、Sale horizon……
Left cold face has a blue,Ignore him on the Month Rich Festival.,Everything knows,Invitation, the month is not a person who knows each other,However, the moon is now can’t see this five Yue Conference.,I feel that they are the public,Just want to finish,Come to disperse people。
Changed to the Chu Deirers,Left cold Zen is going to pull everyone asked“Are you not looking at the same way of the rivers and lakes”,But invite the month to say,Left cold Zen is just a born gas——Because she is definitely will not be concerned about people.,Tangee recognition“Who is this palace?,Every space is spicy chicken”。
When I arrived, I was unpredictable.?
“Chu League is a special place to come to my Wuyue Conference,What is going to do??for……Does the Oriental Lord??”Left cold, slowly recovered the hand,While inquiry,Remind everyone again、Especially other four,The gas agricultural is the side of the magic.。
At the same time, left cold Zen has always been used in Yunguang.,Observe the moon——really,As long as you don’t shift the flower palace,I have an unbeaten oriental,Invitation month is not multi-line。
There have been no more than a long time in the east.,So, in the eyes of others,Deterrence is far from inviting the month.!
One is because the month is invited to kill the second、and“reserve”The second makes it in the east.,This makes everyone impression,Eastern unbeaten martial arts;
Two oriental unbeaten and invited the month,In fact, it is already a long time.,Not walking directly in the rivers and lakes,Usually, it is also ignored by people.,And now in invitation the month.,There is no orientation.……
In the perspective of others,The Eastern is unbeaten has not been in the black wood cliff.!
“The Oriental Lord Explore the Tianshi for a long time,I am afraid that I have no thought and the Lord of the League.,I am here to hear someone wants to force the brothers to combine Huashan.,Dare to ask the left League, there is such a thing?”Chu Deirers asked aggressive。
“Huashan School and I am Lushan is old.,Today, Xiaolin’s hand,I have to put in many years.,Rehabilitation,Is it blended with the devil??”Left cold is also welcome。
“joke,Linfengmen Tangtang is right into my Zhengzhou,Total over Lu Lianrong、Yu Yuzi, such a small person,In order to please Leave Lord,Even the ancestors of their own ancestors have to smash。”Chu Deirers don’t talk about the direct place name of the rivers and lake rules。
“you、you……Who is a small person??”Jade scorpion。
He is also a big age,The discussion is divided into him or the teacher of Tianmen Road.。
“Oh?You don’t have the ancestral hall of Taishan.?”Chu Deiren sly asked。
“I……”Yu Yuzi wants to say,I didn’t want to be ancestral temple,But he is indeed supporting the mergers of the five mountains.,So don’t dare to be careful with the Chu Deirers.。
High and strong Tianmen,At this time, I stood up and said.:“Uncle Yu Yuzi is always maintained in the Mount Mount,I believe that it will not agree to the proposal of the Lord,Chu Lee is more。”
It seems to be anti-deer people,But it is a bit grateful to see the Chu Deirers.,After the jade scorpion。
He also raised his left.,All the factions have agreed that when the five-year-in-one person……
No wonder jade、Jade tone、Jadezi three teachers,Recently, frequent disciples,It turned out to be prepared at the Wuyue Conference,I am afraid to my own?
The jade scorpion was stunned by Tianmen.,I was rackded to the height of the prostitute.,Have to say“Favorable”Some will not come to Taiwan,I have to silence。
Hengshan,At this time, suddenly said:“good!I am in the Hiroshan party, no one and the Lord of the Lord,Before Fuzhou,Lushan sent groups to see death,I still want to be alone, I am with the head of the man.,Stress I promise,The League Lord has not given an account yet.!”
Original Hengshan is internal harmony,The original is a master that calmly is left.,Prestige, moon, murder,Order、The calm was hit in Shaolin,And the end of the head of the head,Because I don’t know the true face of Yue Yue,Blindly“For Huashan Horse Shou”,So I agreed with Wu Yue Hei.。
Now three do not die,Also questioned the character of Zuo Cai Zen,This is the biggest instability of five inquiry.,At this time, see the Chu Deirent,Dingjing also revealed this……
“Dingjing teacher is probably a misunderstanding when communicating with Zhongshi,Left is never。”Left coldly deny。
A Zi smiled again:“Hen……Come on this misunderstanding,Otherwise, the Ding Jing teacher is too killing Zhong Town too.,Just trying to pay the Hengshan sent to others.。”
“Humph,A purple sister is not right,His feasant brothers are not killed by people?Don’t see him and people!”Woody Qingqing doesn’t know who is dissatisfied?,By the way, look at the fire。
Zuo Chan was so angry with these two little girls.,but……He still has a killer。
“Ah,It seems that the stunned teacher is too,This is what you want to go to the door of the man to go to this hometown.?”Left cold Zen opens remind everyone,Don’t forget the Heroes 2,In one way……Haven’t got up all three!
Chapter 755 Straightforward
Now Wuyue Sword,Only left cold is still in the chivalrous list——On the one hand, the heritage list is extremely fierce.,on the other hand……Chu Deirers suspect that the ruling mountain is malicious!