First1230chapter The sky has changed

People live in struggle。
Maybe human progress,Because of constant struggle。Lin Wei is Xia Jian’s secretary,And personally introduced by Jin Yimei,This is called not avoiding suspicion。Of course,Jin Yimei did this,Wang Lin and Xia Jian know well,They pretended not to know。In fact, Jin Yimei knows this,Her approach is based on the ingenuity of Xia Jian and Wang Lin,No need to guess that they already know。
I spent a long time with Xia Jian,Lin Wei felt that everything Xia Jian did was upright,There is nothing worth reporting to Jin Yimei。Only Xia Jian’s relationship with many beautiful women feels a bit subtle,Xia Jian always refused to admit any woman’s relationship with him。
Lin Wei has studied this,The conclusion is that Xia Jianhuaxin。Maybe a boss,And the man with this kind of capital,Should all look the same,Slowly, Lin Wei also feels that everything is normal。
Good men are like good dishes,Any woman has the desire to have a bite,Lin Wei is no exception。I want to talk for a long time,She has been with Xia Jian for so long,It’s fake if you don’t have any feelings for him。
But Lin Wei found,Xia Jian to any woman,Are all very open,Only to her,I haven’t even made an excessive joke。Actually they have many opportunities to be alone,Don’t say Xia Jian acted on her,Even if it is a kind of hint in this respect,Xia Jian has never done anything to her。
Lin Wei began to wonder if she was not attractive enough,She even stood in front of the mirror and carefully looked at her figure,She thinks her body is great,The convex place is very high,It’s also very sexy,But Xia Jian didn’t want to look at her more。
She remembered,She used to spend an afternoon with Xia Jian in a swimsuit,She thought,Their stories will be the same as those written in the book,Happen at this moment,But everything disappointed her。Some strong women are actually the same as capable men,That is the sense of conquest。
Lin Wei remembered talking on the phone with a close friend,A friend asked her directly on the phone:“Did you sleep with the boss?”She was not happy at the time,But afterwards,I think my friend’s question is really right。
If a boss’s secretary,The boss doesn’t want to sleep with her,Then this secretary will definitely not work,Ugly at least,Otherwise, there is something wrong with one aspect,This is a big failure。
Maybe Lin Wei’s idea is a bit extreme,She made the job of secretary crooked,This is the definition of society,She doesn’t want to go into it anyway。
So it’s not false to say that women are emotional animals。Lin Wei attributed all his goodwill to Xia Jian to his profession,Maybe a bit far-fetched,But this gave her enough reason。
Lin Wei standing at the window,When I think about these things,Her face is red again。last night,When Xia Jian pressed her under her body,She gave up the last line of defense in her heart,Life forever,In fact, this is exactly what happened,She wants to make herself happy,She didn’t want to waste her youth in vain when she was in her prime。