Jin Mingwu is also not polite,I have ran out quickly.。

Looking at Jinmingwu’s back,Jin Weiguo this is stunned.。
“dad,Why are you used to children??”
“Humph,You are not like this when you are young.?
And he is thirty people.,These things he has,But you are, the bigger it is, the more you go back.,Our golden family’s blood is not seen in your body.。”
One training in Jinshi Beach,Jin Weiguo is also a slogan:“Your grandson is nothing to do all day,Doesn’t there??”
“Humph,Otherwise, how can I say that you are not suitable for educating children?,How big can children, don’t know how big,All right,You have also hurry back and busy.,Whoever wants to provoke the golden house in the future?,Give me a cleanse,Packed up,The more I am, the more likely, I will give you my son.。”
Jin Weiguo heard this more no words。
He originally thought that the owner gave him,I didn’t expect it to give Jin Mingwu.。
“knew,Then I will go back first.。”
Jin Mingwu does not know that the golden family’s master is ready to pass it.。
The first thing he left Jin family was to call Li Xianer.。
Li Xianer received a call from Jin Mingwu and turned over white.:“What have you been recently??
I like to call me.?
Is it necessary to steal the intelligence of drunkenness?
Then crush me?”
“Hey-hey,no,I told my husband and my family.。”
Jin Mingwu,You didn’t have a fever.?
You haven’t won me yet?,You said?
How do you say your family??”
Although there are some complaints in the previous Li Xianer’s discourse,But the next question,Indicates that she is still a view of the Ming Ming Wujia。
Jin Mingwu heard the question of Li Xianer,It’s also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,The family must be supported by me.,But I have to quit the golden house.,In other words, I am not a golden home.。”
Li Xianer heard this first.,I don’t touch it in my heart. It is fake.。
“You are crazy.?
You have to know to leave the Golden Home,Your resources mean that there is no,And you have to have a bitter day later.。”
“Hey-hey,Just with you,Sweet little days every day,How can I suffer??
And you can rest assured,You are with me,I will not let you suffer.。”
Jin Mingwu said that this is also full of confidence.。
“Humph,Do you know that you have decided that it is too grass.?
And you are not afraid that I will regret??”
Chapter 945 Then I quit.
“Hey-hey,Be afraid of 啥?