”Then Mr. Zhu Phi Phi, where are you sick of it?”Pei boat glanced at the card, continue to focus on this delicate little body fat.

  ”Ah, I am not sick.”Pippi Zhu decisively replied, and then after seeing the boat Pei face does not look good, he shrewdly eyes a turn, react quickly added:” I come to you to do the spiritual power of persuasion!”
  Pei’s face this boat from the Warrington, he smiled and nodded: “.Please change it back to the original s深圳桑拿网tate, and then lay down on the treatment table, right!”
  ”Hey, then no.”Zhu Pippi enthusiastically waved his hand and said:” That much trouble ah, so you just give me according to press on the line.”
  Pei Zhou: “???”
  Pippi Zhu continued: “Well, ah, I eat before your Diet ah, hot pepper sauce has just a single, I am your old fans, and you live I have Kane, my ID is called the Iron Chef, gave you a reward too deep-water torpedo, doctors Pei you have the impression you?”
  Pei Zhou surprised a moment, he did for the “Iron Chef” this little local tyrant ID impression, he can not help but secretly guess Is this little fat man himself is a fan of live platform?
  He’s doing all the way over interstellar flight, just to themselves and going on nibbling?Will not it.
  ”Iron Chef, I have the impression, however, is not.”
  Pei boat doubts blinked, simply said: “Big Brother you’ll say it?You come to in the end is doing?As you can see, I’m kinda busy clinic.”
  Zhu picked up Pippi small handkerchief and wiped his forehead again, Pei is also strange to see the boat, he opened his own clinic thermostatically controlled, how this little fat so easy to sweat.
  ”Is such that.I really like your Diet ah, but it is often less than buying!Shoudexia I just opened a food factory, former army soldiers go to war, a lot of hard tack, ah, ah, canned meat, all I have to offer!”
  Zhu Pei boat with Pippi finally understand the words: “So I would like to ask the doctor Pei you have no interest in working with our factory, technology shares, I’ll give you 20% of the shares, you only need to provide the recipe Diet, the rest are not you tube, I will help you detect security medicated, to get the food security sector, and expand the scale of production, sales all over the country to Diet!how about it?This powerful combination ah, but we.”
  Although Zhu Pippi hype, but the boat never Pei business experience, the first time run into this kind of thing, he was a little cautious.
  ”you.This thing, let me think about it too.”
  A boat Pei behave hesitation, Zhu Pippi immediately anxious, he quickly said: “Pei doctor, I suspect you are not a liar?It will pit you ah!”
  Pei Zhou did not speak: “.”
  ”Oh Hey.”Zhu Pippi not smile, he boldly again and again, the whole body fat fat shake off a grand waves, assured him:” Do not worry, we are a century-old factory, followed by playing Zerg empire, all the way to ensure logistical support, when talking credibility is absolutely the best, or else how could and military cooperation?Do not believe you go to look up satellite network, in recent years the number 500 and we took a small banner from the hands of the government!”