But did not expect,Even a puppet is angry。Even once angry,The consequences will be serious。

“Okay old guy,Don’t talk so much nonsense,Or write the written document of the Zen Patriarch now。of course,Attorney here we have。Done all this,We will send you to live abroad。This way you can still enjoy your old age。If you refuse,That’s nothing,You may not see the sun tomorrow。”
The rigor at this time is completely worthy of the title of Cobra,Listen to his threatening words,It really smells so spicy。
Just when they communicate,Master Tan Zetao still sneaks to Qin Feng。
“Little brother,According to me, you should spit out the benefits from the old guy。You can’t eat!”
“Yo,I said Lord Devil,Do you still care about a few small dollars?Besides,I know if I can eat it,No reminder。”Qin Feng disagrees。
Although the two are whispering,With a smile on his face,But there is already a taste of rivalry。
“Ha ha,Qin Feng,Do you think this money is what I want?Is not,Qiu’s property at this time,In other words,After Qiu Ze takes over。These things are his。You take a part now,Don’t you wait for someone to weaken his strength??This is bad for the future。”
Tan Zetao analyzes the so-called overall situation,But I have cursed Qin Feng countless times。
After all, he doesn’t care about the money,But once Qin Feng broke the rules,In the future, more than a dozen black guys must be careful。This is bad for his control!
Therefore,That’s why he wants Qin Feng to spit out what he eats。
After all, in Tan Zetao’s eyes,An Emperor’s organization belongs to him。The whole team should listen to him!
Besides, he thinks he is good,Give everyone so much autonomy,In addition to giving money to help fight the situation。Who else will be more competent than his boss this year?
But some people just don’t understand contentment,I have to face him at this time,Could it be that my methods are too soft??So this newcomer is not afraid of himself?
But when I thought of Zhong Fa defeating his two bodyguards just now,He is somewhat speechless。
So at this time he ignored Qin Feng,But walked to Zhong Fa。