But in my heart,But a little bit happy,It seems that my old lady is not without charm!

“The few people you looked for last time,How is the temptation?”A hoarse voice sounded,Then there is a handsome、The shadow of Jianmei star appeared。
“Those rubbish,I didn’t even assassinate a mortal……”The speaker is a bald head,But this bald head is extremely thin,Looks a little sick。
“It all fails?so,Xiaoqing won’t be back?”The handsome man’s face has a stiff smile,Looks a little angry。“Do you know,I haven’t seen her for three months。”
“Big and young,I……This one,I originally thought,There should be no problem with those people,And the hands are still gone in the world。”
“This,did not expect,so long,No news,And Liuli Law Enforcement Office received another case,I want to come together……”
The bald man showed sweat on his forehead,He deeply understands the temper of the young and old in front of him,Really angry,That self,A few lives are not enough!
“Humph,If it weren’t for me,,Otherwise, Xiaoqing will notice,Otherwise I won’t give you this trash!”
The handsome man mentioned Xiaoqing,But the face is a soft god,Extremely gentle。
Although Xiaoqing escaped the day before getting married,Let him lose a lot of face on the wedding day,But he still doesn’t hate Xiaoqing in his heart,I just think Xiaoqing is a little kid。
“You still have some value now,I will forgive you this time,but,Next time,”Handsome man smiling and looking at bald head,Said softly:“I don’t care what method you use,In short,I just want Xiaoqing to leave there early,Want her home!”
But the eyes are cold,Make people shudder。
The bald man quickly knelt to the ground,“Yes big and young,Absolutely complete the task next time,Let the young and old go home。”
“Big and young。”The handsome man was very happy after listening,The corner of the mouth smiles unconsciously,The more you smile, the brighter you are,The more you laugh, the more crazy。
“bump。”Made of sandalwood before Ming Dynasty
The table just fell apart。
“Big and young。”Bald man sweats like raindrops,Don’t know what I did wrong,I just follow what I mean!
“what。”While he was still thinking,But was grabbed by the young master with one hand,Living mention,He feels big and young’s eyes are like poisonous snakes,Very chilling。