levels, the pace has suddenly stopped, standing on top of the stairs of his son, Pei Shaoyang.

  Pei Shaoyang is the international private school tuition for a year Wuliushiwan, now wearing school uniforms, dark blue suit style imitation, have school logo at the chest, he in great shape, the ordinary version of the school uniform He could not block his slender legs, estimated to be picked up news hurry to get home, keep up to now no clothes replaced.
  Still very young yet to learn the method of expression Pei Shaoyang mana南宁夜网gement, he Minzhe Chun, look a little stubborn, blind eyes, looked for him all the strange appearance of the father.
  Over the past decade seen a few back surface of father and son stood on both sides of the stairs, dressed in a school uniform was covered with neat, wearing a suit, but all are free, similar to the identity of his son’s face demonstrates, can reveal the whole body a very different temperament.

Chapter 19 the rich, but three generations (three)
  Bo is renowned both grew up, really do not want to see his father did not put it in the scene, though he was the housekeeper, in fact, has long been regarded as a part of this, he hastened to smooth things over: “little master, Master back, how do you say hello?”
  Pei Shaoyang looked at his father for a long time, this man’s face he is more in the photo to see the return meeting南宁桑拿, or when the New Year, the other to eat the meal, left: “You come back.”He looked at Bo anxious face.”.father.”I told Dad that is a difficult thing it?For him, yes.
  ”Ah, I’m back.”Pei Naochun embarrassed licked lips, he and his son did not touched upon,” Well grandpa points yet?”
  ”Now wake up, today took苏州桑拿网 the pills, blood pressure drop some, the doctor said he was overworked, some geriatrics, have a good rest.”Pei Shaoyang his will hear from the doctors say, at this point, he was somewhat difficult to control his temper,” You still go back back yet?Grandpa really hard.”
  ”I.”Pei Naochun out of the original mind, the an