Do not let your heart gluttonous steal your poetry and distance

Do not let your heart gluttonous, poetry and steal your life far more than there is in front of struggling, as well as poetry and distant fields.I do not remember from whom mine.Leaking word seeped real flavor of life and good vision, my mood deep into which.Do not understand “struggling in front of” what it means when young, always feel youthful flying, rhythmic dance, stay away trip and III intimate girlfriends that live in “Poetry and the distance,” which.Wanton sway youth, experience the wider world, enjoy colorful life.Until after marriage to live independently after understanding so years of quiet good, this life peacefully, will be those who carry something for you.Now my hands clutching the tail of the 1980s, has been 30 years in age, were 90 children known as “elderly” in, they would understand the true meaning of “more than life in front of struggling,” the.We have been married 30 years old, have their own small family.There are shouldering the middle of a little under the old mortgage, car loan.All kinds of pressure.Usually work hard to make money to support their families, on a budget plan living, morning and evening taking good care of the elderly and children, to be honest, really tired, original poetry and distant long been covered up these trivial life.Only children’s birthday every year to remind me, I was so over a year.More than once I have asked myself: this is the life you want it?This is your heart, “Poetry and the distance,” it?I fell into a deep meditation.In her spare time working with colleagues often talk about “life than there is in front of the struggling”, that is, we jokingly said: “Yes, there is more than life in front of struggling, there is a tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, four days from now is struggling.”.Full of laughter voices.Beat life experience, parents witnessed profound feelings of life, bit by bit from the revelation to comprehend, so we adhere to the teeth alive for what?In order to alleviate the pressures of life, for the future of the elderly and children can live comfortable, enjoyable for the whole family together.When I took it to work, when to get up activities he found that the window had become a clump of green gold.Sunlight on to the leaves if they turn bordered rim.Manjuan autumn leaves, flying terraced rice paddies, which swept the moment my thoughts go the distance.The original poem and I did not leave too far away.When I looked down just work, ignoring it in the daily necessities of life.It may be that you walk along the beach hand in hand to pick up a shell; you might be walking in unfamiliar streets inadvertently falling leaf falling in your shoulders; it may be that thicket of weeds in the early spring wildflowers bloom clusters; also possible is a family afternoon cup of hot tea Teng volume..In fact, as long as you looked up you will find: good things that your poetry with the remote, it is not far away.Do not let your heart gluttonous, steal your poetry and distance.00