How to adjust for constipation in old age?

How to adjust for constipation in old age?

Constipation is highly likely to occur among the elderly. According to statistics, about a quarter of the elderly in the country experience their suffering.

Although constipation is not a disease, it often brings depression and pain to the elderly, and even affects sleep and diet.

Since the number of daily defecations is reduced, the toxins should be absorbed and endanger the health of the elderly. Therefore, preventing constipation plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of diseases.

  Most elderly constipation is purely functional constipation.

In addition to proper activities, pay more attention to diet and develop good habits. The purpose is to use food factors to stimulate muscle peristalsis and promote bowel movements.

The diet is as follows: Use foods with expected crude fiber, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Crude fiber can increase food residue, stimulate the intestinal wall and promote intestinal peristalsis.

Enables excretion.

  Eat more gas-producing foods, such as beans, potatoes, radishes, onions, bean sprouts, chives and other foods, can stimulate bowel movements, change the time of food through intervention, and promote bowel movements.

  Replace the laxative foods, such as honey, sesame, walnuts, yogurt, and other foods, to make the stool soft and excrete.

  Foods supplemented with vitamins, such as cereals, beans, peanuts, nuts, lean meat and other foods, can promote bowel movements and help defecation.

  Vegetable oils such as sesame oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, and soybean oil have the function of intestinal moisturizing, can also decompose and produce fat, have the effect of stimulating intestinal peristalsis, and facilitate defecation.

  Have enough water every day, at least 8?
10 cups, drink a cup of fresh saline or cold water in the morning, it can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines and help soften the discrimination.

  Avoid using strong condiments and drinks such as pepper, mustard, pepper, strong tea, coffee and other foods.

  Experts remind that elderly constipation seriously endangers the health of the elderly. While paying attention to diet, they must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.