Bright naturally understand, she was raising his hand to hold the whole Du hands, then smiled and said to Du full: “Dear husband, I it was all right.”

  Linxuan months is the most stand this grief, she smiled in front of Bright said: “Today is a good day, we are all not good.”
  Since opening Linxuan month, slightly ease the embarrassment of the atmosphere on the table.After that, Lin Xuan month suddenly facing Bright said: “Bright, when did you get so smart, gall and Abhay together to ponder these things.”
  Bright slightly stunned for a moment, this looked up to Paul Chun.And Paul Chun helpless smile, “These days they all know.”
  After hearing Paul Chun said that Bright was shy and lowered his head, “I was at home in the past, when high school in his father’s hand just a little more.”
  After all, the former Bright’s father, for he is also a lot of expectations.
  So saying, when Linxuan month and curious but added up, she pulled Bright hand and said: “In the past, how not heard you say things home?Bright, your home now, what people ah.”
  In fact, Lin Xuan month there is no other meaning, she is the psyche of just want to take care of Bright.
  Bright’s character because unlike her and Paul Chun, what would not directly say that they are so open so Linxuan month.
  But Bright’d heard Having said that slightly stunned Linxuan month for a moment, seemed to 深圳桑拿digest this sentence has not yet come.
  Paul Chun at any time thought of what she patted Linxuan month of hand, “Shut up, eat.”
  This month Linxuan stick your embarrassment, “I said look, this thing is I think a little, what if there is not anything to say not to say.”
  Such careless Linxuan month character, we all used to it, it is to laugh it off.
  Bright but suddenly paused, put down the chopsticks their own hands and then look at Linxuan month, said: “After this time the catastrophe, I’d also like to see a lot of things, things about my family could keep up you talk about the.”

  ☆, five hundred and tenth major general of the 16 chapters granddaughter

  Paul Chun also slightly surprised a moment, she turned out I was not thinking Bright suddenly willing to talk things home with them.
  Bright gets himself hesitate to look into the Du whole body, Paul Chun discovered, it appears that the whole is informed of DU.
  Bright directed at Paul Chun smile, he said: “It’s something that I would not let him tell you Dear husband, after all the things my family, I had to think of themselves, but now it seems it touches on some very tricky, so only out for everyone to talk about the.”
  Paul Chun nodded his head again to look at the body Bright.
  South Korea is beginning to forget the side of the child, there would have been eating something, it seems to the table and do not care to say Master General.
  Bright cough, the body is really uncomfortable.Then calm a bit emotional, facing the crowd, he said: “In fact, my father is an adult weekend censor, because violated the emperor was treated a few years ago, so our whole family were exiled and cut, so home to me just me a person.”
  Censor weekend, can be considered a good officer, just do not understand the twists and turns, it has become a victim of political.Paul Chun, if I remember correctly, the home should be no others, and only one man Bright.