aid that, the Soviet Union but rain still honest hard this pot of ‘Coke’ drinking.

  ”Lu cross, give me the next time you buy the original.”
  Eat antipyretics, drank cold granules, take the rope down eyelid girl, sleepy, his mouth still care deeply and hold wide music.
  ”Ok.”Lu cross nod.
  Su rain finally sleep at ease past.
  Little face staring at the girl goes red lump, take out the land cross-alcohol cotton, for her hands and wiped his forehead.
  He crouched beside the bed, pulled out of that one foot feet from the inside, rub the soles of the feet a little heart.
  A little 杭州桑拿cooler, had slept quite peacefully Su rain suddenly shrink narrow legs, pink toes curled up like a baby with a soft voice, “Do not move me.Yell.”
  Lu cross-clutching hand alcohol swabs Huo a tight.
  His quiet Banke, stand up for her feet back, and then went to the Soviet Union rain around, leaned over and said: “Hey, Sue rain.”
  ”Ok?”The little girl stumbled actually know to respond.
  ”The wild man who in the end?”
  Nothing happened.
  Su rain has gone to sleep, of course, impossible to answer.
  Lu cross sitting on the bed, pinching the hands of alcohol cotton, then suddenly he turned severely pinched little face Su rain.
  Finally I feel puzzled air, taking advantage of that soft little face bright red, when they bite the mouth.
  Hong fucking.
  The next day, the Soviet Union has been sober a lot of rain,.
  She slumped on the bed, not the nose ventilation.
  Lu came cross carrying porridge.
  ”The porridge.”
  Su rain obediently ate porridge, suddenly grabbed land cross arm, and then carefully licked his fingers.
  ”You, what are you doing.”Lu Yuwan hand lateral holding meal, almost half of the left inside the porridge knocked.
  His red ears tak深圳桑拿网e a step back, the Soviet Union is on the bow when the rain Paradise pair of pure eyes.
  ”This lick, you will not be infected by me sick friends.”Sweet and innocent school girl, revealing sweet pear vortex smile when tilted.
  ”.Who told you?You again Mother