ow who the master of fairy can also go the same way well.Fairy had saved my child’s life, but unfortunately the house was a mess, the old woman did not take her to thank all these years it has been heart and mind.”

  Awareness silent for a long while, he began: “If she has to know the donor heart and mind she would certainly have been happy.”
  Spoken softly, gave a long sigh like.
  Later, the old woman said some words, awareness smiling at him until he returned to the boarding of the temple used the dinner homework, and suddenly raised the idea of grinding the ink painting.
  Pen move your feet, a few pens, a woman’s silhouette drawin无锡夜网g paper falls.
  Awareness eyes fell on the drawing paper, deep and soft.
  This time, the time on the road than the first decade, it needed a lot longer, until the return of awareness of no fixed cases, already five years past.Then he fell into a long retreat.
  Enlightenment more than three decades, awareness has finally opened his eyes.
  He held out his hands, vignetting cohesion in the palm, and gradually into a golden villain.But this villain is the heart of the black gold of the evidence has not yet appeared.
  Buddha body shape or worse a step, and it is the most critical step.
  Awareness imaginary hand into a fist, golden villain into a false light dissipated, he got up from the futon, open the closed door for a long time.
  Then ten years, awareness has been hovering in front of that road, but never seen glimpse into the way of.
 都市体验网 The opportunity to pay attention to these things, perhaps a chance to appear, awareness can direc南宁桑拿tly step in the past, if the delay does not appear opportunity, that he can only have been hovering at the door.Not seeking opportunity, awareness is not impatient, continue to wait.
  It is six months past.