rtial art became a little moonlighting repair Once upon a star??

  This guy can become a villain simply because the hearts of the white moon Kung competition has always been her, so the actress Shi Yue children want to do everything possible to get rid of her, but because this woman is too waste, and Shi Yue children do not trap this woman all interest to step on, and then later, Shi Yue children also look at the original owners of the waste nature of thi杭州桑拿s waste, I do not want to deal with her..
  As actor Kung competition, because the principle is not to force others, so many years but far from looking at the original owners, occasionally.Help buy it unmarketable portrait???
  The original owners had this indolent waste this waste, and does not compete with Kung-sun, one has his father’s hatred, and second, because over the top.
  ”You’re not the host of this waste t北京风月网hat she spent it!Why are you now!”Gouzi next stool was stunned to see the artist put POSS let ‘painting’ of Luoxue.
  Luoxue a change of position – the original owners because too lazy, do not want to sit still for a long time, studied for a long time, finally able to get out of a solidified her image lived something similar to the camera, and from this perspective, is not the original main Once upon a time a repair is lazy Einstein-like figure ah.
  ”Well earned Lingshi.Lingshi did not move an inch ah.”
  Gouzi cried, “you go to the bathroom and dug host, which began with inlaid product in more than twenty thousand pieces, enough for a long time of your artificial.”
  Luo Xue shook his head, “No, that’s pretty bathroom.”
  ”Your host is not forgotten, the original owners have seven hundred ninety eight years old, and two广州桑拿网 years will duong tho approaching belch fart ah!”
  Luoxue: “It is such a thing?”
  ”Host, in this world you do not practice, as long as the accumulation of merit value, it can be directly converted into spiritual power, wait until a certain extent, naturally can break through the realm.”
  Luo Xue finally waved, let the artist go, “how do say that earlier?I went to work.