He turned the page of words, easy to sit over the river, and I take her oblique eyes, then his word dictation.Yi Xi put my book away bricks, “rote with no eggs, or you speaking to me right right?”

  I taught her eggs with the spoken language, I love to teach not decent, really prefer to teach what she Pianmen.She said that when this type of vocabulary that the use and not used, so there is always listening to limp enough, but people particularly like music.
  ”Four is not spoken test, test rote.”I bent down mouth, the bricks get the book back.
  I went silent word, she started a small Tucao Tucao domestic exam-oriented education.Tucao for a long time, and I did not care for her, she was right reason children I know all that, the problem is she can not change anything.
  I did not see her reaction, followed by muttering the phrase, “You hate good recently, more and more like a new and easy.”
  The new Easy probably do not want to be like me, she always felt that I was not qualified.Qualified like her, now probably the only discipline to learn the Pa.
  ”Oh.”I turned the page of words,” What do you want me to say?Domestic exam-oriented education is so poor, no use in class.I simply do not read books, direct business school dropout who Biergaisi good.”
  ”That is not can not, he is also a former school programming.”