Regret something, but her parents now feel Zhiwangbushang her, and serve to feed completely ignore her second child, a neighborhood persuade persuade time, will make her home one night, other times, ignoring the really is life and death do not care, and on when not given birth to her as]

  [This is extreme, after all, their children, if I have happened, let him regret it]
  [You are wrong, as early as the child abroad Starchaser do not go home, she is likely to occur many times something happens, parents really heartbreaking to the extreme, they will give up their children.]
  [I also know that the same thing.Parents also cut off financial support, want their children to go home, the results of the children went to sell their kidneys, kidney failure die before I came back, her parents directly regardless of the effort to go second child.The child has died more than two years.]
  [Edited in front of it?]
  [Reality is always better than a new TV series of ups and downs ah]
  [Parents how sad, will give up their children ah, I feel the children can not always understand their parents pains]
  [Wrong in front of the children to their parents is the most tolerant people, parents are the child will never be able to understand the love and affection of their parents]
  [We are helping sprites Jun said Starchaser do, do not inflicted family education ah]
  [Fairy look forward to the couple’s children ~ ~ ~ ~]
  [] Completely beside the point
  [Starchaser is chasing another yourself, do your own thing, like the idols have done