Because the learning ability of being expelled.

  She is standing on the scientific exploration of the vast exploration of the universe edge of the door, but had endless confusion.
  I do not know what in the end like, do not know they are not the cause of scientific research in order to struggle for life.
  No matter how much I would do, I do, but arrived one, but I do not like to do.
  Originally parents to let her come back the next higher altogether good, did as the trajectory of a normal student, and slowly relaxed three years to think about what she wanted to do in the end of life.Afford to delay.Not to mention did not delay, she ran too fast before the.
  XIA can choose their own away from the High School.She gave her life had a rewind read, but no one down in the end.This is not because the process is sophomore winter, XIA away could not say.
  ”Very happy, the students really fun.”XIA throw himself between father and mother in one hand and a pull, Mom and Dad took the hand carrying the dishes, my father helped her back that very heavy large bags, three people side by side on his way home.
  XIA away though was small, but chasing down the sun out of the family’s long shadow, a big step made impressive advances, happy.
  ”How experimental high school?Do you think it is really good?”