Graduation song

REVIEW: With the wave of a strong gesture, I recite in good spirits in the end.The audience burst into warm applause.Kangxiao Zhang Peng’s face, revealing a hint of a smile usually difficult to see, just over and over “half set Peking Opera” Su, vice president, but nodded in agreement.   July 1962 No. 23, we officially got the diploma, university boil for five years, came to an end the.    University could have been a pleasant thing, so many people aspire to pursue and why we are here to become a “boil” of it?To understand why, it will have to start from a number of unusual experiences that members of.    57 years entered university, to run into the anti-rightist.That large dining hall on towering chimney, brush with “Down with the Jubilee anti-party clique,” the great slogan, looked up and creepy.Those distributed among school buildings and dormitories on both sides of the main road a variety of slogans, more so coming from any direction you will feel a pressing harder and harder pressure.Fortunately, we are freshmen, did not participate Woo put, there in time to greet old high school alumni, early to know the background of some of the major events, understand a bit what to say, that which side.Therefore, the anti-rightist movement, only participated in a few games as the masses struggle sessions, I myself have not been to sit in the middle.(Denounced by the right middle seat).    But the “middle” of this position, it seems to me a soft spot, although the anti-rightist missed, but at the time of the Red debate to make up.But this problem is to solve the contradictions among the people, just received some “thin wind rain” criticism and education.Bag material into the archives, but also the beginning of 1962, in front of my face burned, did not constitute a substantial impact on me.But we encounter is an era full of human imagination, in this day and age, a group of people always with a strong desire to transform people into some kind of touch-type, in which the desire to drive, toss also had less it?Purges, dual pledge allegiance to pull the white flag, the ousted professors and students to the stage to give lectures, iron and steel, to the countryside to exercise and so on, wave after wave, a wave after wave.Jade is not really a cut, not a device Yeah!Well, since you are determined to be crafted, it would go down your knife.Everything they do not ask why, we must secure the easy way.Not to mention such things as the rural Xia Lian, I’m really full of curiosity and romantic fun of it.Not only dry up very carefully, you can even say creative.But, after all, the young blood is made, their basic properties, is the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of truth.Therefore, no matter how frustrating is, there is one thing that I always keep in mind is: I was in college is to acquire knowledge, just out from misery to the country, needs a prosperous, knowledge can only make me have made her rich and powerful force!Was completely abandoned in the normal teaching order, under less formal learning time, I decisively to adjust the direction of learning: to consolidate and strengthen basic courses, specialized courses to give up, put chopsticks to eat hand firmly caught.Under the guidance of the principle, on my report card, not only all basic and basic course, Geek fifth, mathematics and electrical foundation, I overheard almost all well-known professors can hear lectures, should not only learn learning content, but also added a lot of weight.Under the premise of Russian high standards to advance curriculum requirements, but also taught himself English one, so I graduated in the design, becoming the only professional people can cite two kinds of a foreign literature.Down to the implementation of this policy, not only when I graduate, I felt very full, but also often produces impulses of some small scale chopper.    It is in this mood was full of hope, we graduated.If in previous years, we will cheerfully get a piece of paper to send a single confidently begin our lives in a real struggle.But not the same this year, the whole country in the fight against the Great Leap Forward, has not recovered.The economy is still no improvement, the people are still starving.Along the railway line from time to time flashed everywhere uncompleted construction, express a kind of depression atmosphere, train whistle, quiet and occasionally across the sky, in the soul, causing an echo of desolation.In this case, all of a sudden come to the country tens of thousands of college students work distribution plan is unrealistic.But the school did not require us to fend for themselves, but no unauthorized home.So we had to wait in anxiety in the.    During the day, we can look at books and magazines in the library, spend time in the evening, the relatively tough.In addition to put gossip, the most popular programs is to take some of the students who are interested to carry out his pranks.But this play is difficult to grasp the size, could well self-fulfilling prophecy, bad ending.Not as early to bed, the room filled with a pass something to do, more enjoyable.One day, people do not know what the bedroom, suddenly sang the “hit girl” tone: So then I, so I’m so, I’m so so I Peas me, I fight my fight and then fight to re-La, la re a doul Papa Pa!Coincidentally, a dozen hands shot to the bed board, invariably vent to our madness.July passed, August passed, and the two weeks of September has passed.All kinds of speculation circulating in the crowd alternately.However, due to social equity in people’s minds the impression clear, therefore, various positive dreams always support our wait.And finally this day around No. 20 September has arrived.Distribution plan, although not as luxurious as in previous years, but due to monitor detailed work and originality of deployment (the other main cadres are conferred to students, there is no allocation.) Almost everyone get what they want, everyone is happy.It is in this atmosphere, we ushered in the principal farewell dinner graduate students.    Banquet although there is no meat dish, deep-fried sweet potato balls only a few, but strong and warm atmosphere of the meeting.Kangjiao Zhang Peng, vice president of Su Zhuang, Zhong Zhaolin and other well-known professor eleven to attend, so that we feel the unprecedented honor and pride.You’ll feel a big bowl of rice wine already face was getting a fever, the body is carried away.At this time, I was suddenly two people to move on a bench, someone next to me shouting: Death (poetry) at this time, how can people not poetry!Due to a sudden increase in gravity, I suddenly became sober up.When I opened my drunken eyes, looking around, those in the dark of the lights, beating smiling face, with a beautiful melodious music, the same way as clouds floated into my mind, into to the already embedded in me a passion in the hearts of rapid fermentation, with a smooth verse, majestic out.I will follow these verses from the bottom of my heart out, loudly recite them: lights shine, melodious sound of the piano farewell cup, jingling take this last meet friends, let us joy a parting although inevitable but the new life will make you yearn for you here would have lost heart in friendship, permanent collection truck cares what products the mainland, as long as the frontier to cause your soul is where will grow strong we have plenty of enthusiasm and wisdom we need It is to create, is a break do not think that this is not just want to know how to live a coward and not the same as the lights shine, singing passionate farewell wine Oh, swig a drink and light it, let us revel in the joy of it, Zhang Fan voyage.With the wave of a strong gesture, I recite in good spirits in the end.The audience burst into warm applause.Kangxiao Zhang Peng’s face, revealing a hint of a smile usually difficult to see, just over and over “half set Peking Opera” Su, vice president, but nodded, he said again and again: is such a thing, such a thing!When I scanned the audience to pay tribute to the students, in a dark corner of the cafeteria, met a pair of bright eyes, is it not our department’s Limbo fairy do?She is a person reap the political (party), academic, professional needs of all the benefits, one stroke to win our department only a graduate school places, how proud!Usually on the road or in the cafeteria Dafan, no less I met her, but Liu in my impression, always a solemn aloof image.But we see today, and obviously not the same, in obvious consternation, it seems that with some regret, when exposed to still stay in my excitement in the eyes, and quietly flashed a hint of tenderness.[Editor: Can children]