[Inspirational youth] pumpkin pie and cake dates

Xia Wei had just graduated from college, looking for work, she read an ordinary university, professional and biased, wandering for two months, work is not coming.Xia Wei Jia, her home life was hard, mother and daughter rented a family in the area of the garage, she is by her mother as a cleaner for finished college, thinking of her own after graduation to work in the better to do something to help his mother share a little, but now no work is coming from, but also how to share?    District where Zhang lived a boss, runs a big company, we are hiring.Xia Wei also tried to go, but the people she read too much inferior schools, refused.Summer is also home to Aunt begged people, people still have not agreed.    People that they deserved, and the key is their boss Zhang nothing to do friendship, people are the boss, they are poor people, flying in the sky, crawling on the ground, where it climbed get what friendship!    On this day, accidentally saw Xia Wei, Zhang boss came back from the outside was carrying bags of pumpkin pie, her eyes suddenly brightened up: Mom do the most good pumpkin pie!She hurried home to tell his mother the news.An aunt summer, also think this is a can and the boss Zhang opportunity to catch the words.    Aunt summer rush to the vegetable market to buy back a large pumpkin, then put back two bags of glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, mother and daughter will work again.And so well, a taste, crispy fluid, than outside selling pumpkin pie strong Dora!Xia aunt quickly recruited a clean food bags, and personally sent to Zhang boss.    This pumpkin pie in a row to send seven days, Zhang boss over there not moving.    The seventh day, go Xia Wei, Zhang met the boss being hurried out of the house, he went downstairs and passes around a trash can, a heavy food bags thrown into the trash.Xia Wei sharp-eyed, I knew him, it was her mother grocery bags used to hold pumpkin pie gave Zhang boss.Isotonic boss gone, Xia Wei walked over, looked at the red trash, I saw my mother the day before the evening to give the boss Zhang pumpkin pie, all intact throw it in the trash!Xia Wei quickly taken out, because there are bags wrapped food, or clean, open the bag, fragrant.    Just then, a young man ran up, took the bag from the bird Xia Wei hands, laughs and says: throwaway ah, such a good thing to throw a pity.Give it to me, I can not waste.Then, the young man carrying bags upstairs.    In the evening, Xia Wei returned home, my mother past men working there made pumpkin bread, busy sweating.Xia Wei looked at, sore eyes, walked up close to things, and said: do not do it, people do not eat, throw the whole.    Aunt aware of the situation after the summer, like a long time, said: Jia Buzhu again goodies to eat every day, they are not tired of eating?We have a change of pattern.Once I saw Zhang boss to buy it jujube cake, maybe people eat cake dates?Xia aunt then hurried out to buy red dates to go on the market.Xia Wei really want to stop her mother, but she knows no stopping.    After that fight, summer aunt began to Zhang boss to do a cake dates.Xia Wei more in mind, pay attention to observe every morning, to see Zhang boss will turn to throw the cake dates.Fortunately, over the past three days, Zhang boss threw seen.Xia Wei and her mother very happy, and perhaps do jujube cake, right track.    The fourth day, Xia Weigang go face to face with the man who took over the pumpkin pie young man, young man hesitated for quite a while, and then talk to the Xia Wei: Do not let your mother Zhang boss to send something, people do not eat.They are now not the nerve to throw during the day, have changed in the evening throwing.    Xia Wei shocked: Why?    The young man said: One time, I heard them talking the couple, in fact it is not food is not good, they did not dare to eat.Boy hesitant, eventually I said why: your mother is discredited, they are horrifying thing unclean.    Xia Wei mind hum rang, and it was a great insult ah!She and her mother made pumpkin bread and cake dates when really have to pay attention than doing a tribute, every time the chopping board impeccably spotless, hand wash and wash up, clean up and clean, people actually thought everything they make dirty , because of her mother’s humble, humble identity!    Xia Wei saw the wet eyes, the young man explained: in fact, can not blame other people, I rented the downstairs Zhang boss at home, each time heard, he was determined not to let your mother send him something, you mom too would like to give you a job, insisted to send.    On this day, Xia Wei is very sad, she was lying in bed Mengtoutaishui, the whole mood depressed to the extreme.As she self-pity, the young man uninvited, he offered to introduce his own case, said he called Cheng Kai, is also just graduated from college students looking for work, you can find two months, has not landed.    The same experience let two young people have a common language, this Xia Wei sat up and people chat away.Talking tough to find a job, two people moan and groan.    Chatting chatting, Cheng Kai suddenly had an idea: Since so difficult to find a job, we might as well own business.Your Mom’s pumpkin pie and jujube cake so delicious, we just sell cakes and pumpkin cake dates.    Mention of pumpkin pie and jujube cake, just to cheer up the spirit of the first Xia Wei suddenly gone, she repeatedly shook his head.    Cheng Kai Q: You are suspected of selling pumpkin pie and cake shame dates?If you are too ashamed, which I sell out, you and your mom is responsible for doing at home.    Xia Wei sighed: I am not too ashamed, I think we do it carefully so on things, Zhang boss are too dirty, take to the streets to sell now, it will not recruit people despise?    Cheng Kai eyes sensational light: This fall gives us a good idea, we simply make a glass house, transparent, so that people from the outside will see how we do pastry.We do not have to worry about food safety issues do?We clearly and simply run, seeing is believing, customers will trust us, our business will be good.    Xia Wei Cheng Kai’s words have confidence, two young men in full swing planning up.    A month later, Xia Wei and Cheng Kai built a business loan through flow glass house, they opened a pastry shop, can not say so transparent business really has been recognized customers, their business is very, very hot.Two people busy summer aunt also quit her job cleaners to take the hand of.Only a short period of two years, Xia Wei and Cheng Kai has opened three stores, has become small business owners.From morning till evening, two people fall in love, get married already registered.    On the eve of marriage, two people will each moved one thing.Xia Wei when finishing things for Cheng Kai, accidentally saw a notice of hiring, it is a big company sent Cheng Kai, the time exactly two years ago that they planned to entrepreneurial summer.    Xia Wei stunned, she goes sowed notice, asked Cheng Kai: You were not saying that you do not find a job?This is how the book is going to hire?At that time the company has to hire you!    Cheng Kai smiled: Yes, when I got a job, but you could not find a way to work!I can not leave you a person to go to work, I have a job, you are supposed to?    Xia Wei quipped up: At that time we were not really familiar with it can be, do not then you crush on me, so I do not want to leave?    Cheng Kai’s head shake like a rattle: Do not flatter yourself, then I’ll crush you?You are so depressed, I can not really into stuff.    Xia Wei do not believe: you lie, if you did not love me, why give up the good work quit, came to help me?    Cheng Kai explained: because pumpkin pie and cake dates.At that time, he rented a house looking for a job, but two months later, the work is not forthcoming, the money was spent, and later, ate something can not afford, can only go hungry.Just when he was hungry stars, do not think you are going to hold past, he stumbled boss Zhang Xia aunt would send the whole pumpkin pie thrown in the trash.After this long period of time, he is relying on those dates pumpkin pie and cake degree days.Zhang boss forefoot those things into the trash, he flew back foot from the inside out, when food.    Cheng Kai said with emotion: I heard the conversation between husband and wife Zhang boss, do you know of their dislike of the food, but I did not say it, because I need those foods.Until I got hired book, I tell you.At that time I was really going to work in the company, but to see you so depressed, I do not quite have the heart, after all, we two similar situation, not to mention is that you let me get through the most hard days.Without your dates pumpkin pie and cake, really I’m afraid I would starve to death, I can not know Thanksgiving Listen, listen, Xia Wei cried, she hugged Cheng Kai, choking back tears, said: You are good person.    We are good people, do not know how to rely on, know how to self-sufficiency, are good.Cheng Kai leaned down, kissed affectionately Xia Wei, she has become his true love.