So she had in these boys, hesitated for a long time, a combination of a variety of conditions, this is selected the Department of Chinese Wang Yang, began to engage in an affair with him.

  And compared with Yu Rui, Wang Yang even close, looks do not say, she is not very much care about this, to say the ocean is not南宁夜网 ugly, but nothing more than to see whom.
  While his father is also a small lead factory, his mother may be stepmother, he gave birth to a half-brother, the family fortune is estimated what did him more events.
  Character also arrogant, aloof self, organized a poetry club, to when he was a great wit, like.
  If she had not married extraordinary, also sink Weihong to poke out, you can select the scope is too narrow, and is stepmother to see his mother, with his relationship is not good, not more care for him, stupid single character is also good moderation, otherwise, she really despise him.
  She had wanted their own way, but after discovering that actually like Han Yu Rui and Satsuki, to angry up, looking at the ocean on how are not satisfied.
  Why are married extraordinary youth, Han Yu Rui and Satsuki have such good people like it, and she kind of stuff even the ocean had to be careful calculation.
  My heart is extremely jealous uneven Yu Xiuxiu, to give up the ocean continues to flirt with.
  Found an opportunity, on the Yu Rui and the only way Shen Weihong make up the contradictions between Korea Satsuki and her husband countryside, Han also said Satsuki satisfied with the current husband wanted a divorce thing.
  Shen Weihong really think that just man, began to chatter Han Xiaoyue not, such as the beginning she followed echoed two.
  So when Yu Rui and came, she installed a good man to help Satsuki speak Korean, the most important is Yuehua Jian revealed that she lived in a dormitory with Satsuki Korea, and is a good friend relationship.
  Sure enough, she was later contacted with Yu Rui and look for opportunities when he did the same with the others refused, he refused to own.
  By Satsuki Korean relations, and not long after she and Yu Rui has become a friend.
  Live a long time, she found Yu Rui and Wang Yang even than the simple kind, is a harmless little white rabbit, not difficult at all to deal with, give her a little more time to find the right opportunity, he will be ab佛山桑拿le to win.
  And Yu Rui and the relationship is getting better, see Han Xiaoyue not help a guilty conscience, after a guilty conscience, self-comforting to think that anyway, Han Xiaoyue with Ni Tuizi “loving husband and wife,” it will not Dali Yu Rui and she old is guilty Gesha?
  Yu Xiuxiu of these small mind, Han Xiaoyue not the slightest idea, she lay in bed, my heart began to think small iron Gur and lengthy, but fortunately you can do sophomore commuting, or else four years of college is much more tough ah.