arly next morning Lin Han was home doorbell rang, Lin Han just get up soon, wash finished pajamas, she looked at the monitor of his home, standing in front of people and ginger.

  She opened the door and rubbed his eyes and said, “So it early?”
  Ginger and have an all dressed, a suit, not wearing jackets, handsome face no expression of time, seem indifferent, Lin Han opened the door in time to see just woke up Han Lin, ginger and really that is cute.
  He quietly touched Han Lin has not combed hair, trying to give her a stroke along a little, then he said: “I have given you a good breakfast, o苏州桑拿ne will come to eat.”
  After finished he took Lin Han pushed home, he left.
  Some cold outside the house, he was afraid to catch a cold Han Lin, and Lin Han so only say two words pushed her into it.
  Han Lin and Jiang sitting at home eating breakfast when some feel fresh, steaming milk, eat this morning is fried noodles and fruit.
  Fruit platter, especially beautiful golf.
  Today is not a sunny weather, the outside looks a bit gloomy, Lin Han had just come in when he looked at the French window, watching the downstairs branches, as if the wind whistling.
  Although close to the spring, but this weather, or people can not help but want to wear more clothes to go out.
  She looked across at breakfast time and ginger, ginger and looked at her all the things began to eat a mouthful to eat their own.
  She suddenly felt a little funn广州桑拿y, she can think of ginger and got up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her, but also a good time to pinch himself dressed before going to knock on the door, but also did not see her face exposed not only like to eat their own food.
  In the last generation, when, in fact, Lin Han no illusions about love, she ne深圳桑拿网ver thought of her sweet love can turn.
  And this book compared to the original main male ginger and really good man.
  Saw the girl looking at him across a daze, Lin Han is still the same simple dress today, no big deal does not meet importa