d on the tablet, her eyes wide open looked quite a while,” he is in the program was adopted in.”

  ”Yes.Car to take him to new parents.”The girl eagerly said,” but now I’m here, so do the.I can do his guardian.”
  The last part is cleverly combined with her own, she felt stuck in the palm of her fingers paused.Anti her hand behind their back, stud fingers up and down, like waves shake a few times, as if to show off victory.
  The nurse nodded, somewhat uneasily looked her up yet with a child杭州桑拿洗浴like face: “But you are an adult yet?”
  Coalition government law, children must have an adult guardian to ensure that they receive the best care, healthy and smooth growth.
  ”I have grown up.”The girl paused in confusion, lax eyes open, what seemed to be waiting, and soon her voice sounded fluently,” I graduated early, work at the Institute, there is a fixed salary, because it involves confidential mission, ID number full temporary inconvenience newspaper, tail number is 0660.”
  Nurses enter this string of numbers, it really is linked to a locked account.
  She was relieved: “I help you updates information.”Gaze fell on her stained dress,” You come with me for the body and clean clothes now.”
  A few days later, the girl was wearing a nurse wearing a sterile blue uniforms walked up and down, exposing her beautiful collarbone in t都市夜网he V-neck, passing the corridor then waterAccident, he thought Stuart Yi least have to arrive before dinner, did not think was actually more than one hour!
  It begs the question: “You have been in this neighborhood?”
  Stuart Yi said: “I am in the next city on business, had intended to come tomorrow, but now just ahead.”He 深圳桑拿网finished, came directly, preparing to cross the room to find someone to Shen Xiao.
  But he had left two steps, Shen Xiao was stopped, “you and I a woman a woman, were sleeping inside.”
  Stuart Yi Leng next, then stopped.
  Shen Xiao pile of wood and then pointing to the door and said: “They say, in order to stay in the yard tonight, we must ta