, “Well, I went to.”

  And then fled, Chu Zheng looked at her back slightly to evoke mouth.

Chapter 17 strike
  A person have a crush what it feels like, on this matter, Cheyenne River never thought, if they like a person, th深圳桑拿网at person would look like.
  To dress ankle when walking, skirt sweep in the ankle feels cool, kind of instantly make the Cheyenne River really feel like I became a little princess.
  To live in this way do not know how much money the villa, to enjoy such a life of luxury, there is such a handsome man.
  Fantasy to their future might Chu and Zheng together, can exclusive Chu Zheng gentle, her face instantly red again.
  Even inside the air conditioning is enough, let her keep the hand fan, to cool his face.
  There is so hot!She walked out of the hall next to the heels down, ready to go outside to breathe.
  Looking at Cheyenne River walk away Chu Zheng, the next second Su Rong smiled and said softly, “Oh, that woman out of it, is not want to go swimming?”
  Su Rong’s face must’ve, Qiaowan Yao stood up, pull her hair and said, “I 深圳桑拿网breathe out.”
  Qiaowan Yao looked back, Su Rong think she really Cheyenne River and fight, then perhaps also beat people, but Qiaowan Yao ah, is a typical stupid.
  She took a sip of his wine, then casually said, “how she would feel, and teach the woman, who would be glad of it?”
  This is simply styled, a little mindless think it is impossible to know, please Lin Han, on one side from the other, it lost Chu Zheng’s face, that was the home of Chu Bureau.
  Regardless of who brings Zheng Chu, Chu Zheng can not lose all face, over the present life of what is wrong.
  And we all know that a man is to Yao Lin sent to prison, and that person is Lin Han Qiao Wanyao want to give people who send bad, send a scum.
  Not to mention Lin Han, she would not want.
  But Qiao Wanyao going to throw their own people, and they have nothing to do w南宁桑拿ith it.
  Ye Zainan also look to the other side said, “Maybe a nice good recently, the expansion of the bar.”