So part of the investment CG about 22.5 million.Then I’ll just set aside 25 million budget better!

  As for the rest, I am also willing to invest in accordance with the budget Hollywood blockbuster Top!Because now the computer graphics can not completely replace the props, in view of this “Jurassic Park” the real protagonist is actually a wide variety of dinosaurs, so they need to make a lot of props.It costs a lot of money.I am willing to invest $ 35 million.So this “Jurassic Park” with a total investment will reach $ 60 million!”
  $ 60 million investment will be the highest ever cost a Hollywood movie.To know a few years ago released “Star Wars” trilogy, the final step in “Return of the Jedi”, with a total investment of only $ 32.5 million!
  And in the “Star Wars” series ended, Hollywood seems to be caught in a low tide, falling instead of rising production costs.For example, another science fiction series released last year’s blockbuster “Star Trek 4” shooting cost only $ 25 million!
  And if according to the Hollywood convention, publicity costs will be half of the production costs, which means “Jurassic Park,” the total cost will reach $ 90 million!Movie box office to reach at least $ 200 million.It is possible to achieve a profit!The United States last year’s box office champion, a new generation of Hollywood handsome Tom.Cruise starred in “Top Gun” grossed only 1.$ 7.6 billion of it!
  So these Hollywood studios were difficult so determined to shoot a movie epic, but Li Xuan did dare to play a!In fact, the film special effects