On the high seas, but we can be more peace of mind.”

  ”Do you think Kay always so smart people will not do for us to play tricks!”Flower arm said these words when they are holding a megaphone it, for fear that others can not hear like.
  ”Even if he wanted to play tricks, but his daughter is in our hands, he can not play tricks.”Dragon schematic again took the microphone to lay down their arms, these words do not say into a microphone.
  But perverse and domineering personality flower arm how can we listen to him, he would not lay down how the hands of loudspeakers: “I know what will not make that sort of thing Kay will always come to Kay always so ruthless character, what usually do not ah?So many years of partnership dare to pit, so his loyal following of traders Pulsatilla also betrayed, and finally persuaded the Chinese bulbul kill our boss, not the average person can do this kind of thing out.”
  After he has spent arm and Dragon also betrayed yellow birch, but they betray their own thing, they betrayed Huang Hua Huang Hua also want to swallow the hands of goods.
  But now they only swallow up half of Huang Hua hand goods, as well as half of the total to Kay possession, which can not be justified, so they will come back to take back the shipment total in the hands of Kay, so they took these goods can exchange for a lifetime of money to burn.
  Kay always has been spent to arm, then incensed when he rushed out to get up in a hurry