They are performing a different talent, Yang Wei go into them, people kept asking her, not to draw a portrait.

  Next to playing the violin, singing, dancing, and everyone in this square, but as if independent of the square, in this world.
  Yang Weijing quiet watching, feeling all the world, Sue Jane pleased and said: “Sister Vicki, you do not like to say talk show?You come tomorrow, stand here show.”
  Yang Wei Ce Toukan him, Sue Jane smiled and said: “put the matter, as is the beginning of a new phase of your life.what do you think?”
  Yang Wei did not speak, she understood the meaning of Sue Jane, life is divided into stages, such as high schools, such as universities, each stage, there will be a farewell solemnly to declare the beginning of the next stage.
  She divorced bid farewell to the Song, and now she needs to say goodbye Song Zhe.
  In fact, this trip has been like a farewell ceremony, even if she does not come across travel Su Jane, will encounter other people, new people, new world, both in the past and say goodbye.
  However, that time is a new beginning.
  She took a deep breath, nodded and said: “Good.”
  The next morning, Sue Jane accompanied her on the square, they each find a place, the Soviet Union