Wanderer pass book (Part 31) (original)

[Editor’s note] author and his party arrived in the port of Oslo, Norway.There appreciate the good order of life, witnessed the customs of the people there, told us: Norway no ecological pollution, water can be directly consumed, the crime rate is almost zero, the best places in the world security.    March 1987 morning of the 12th, we arrived at the Port of Oslo, Norway.Located in western Norway Scandinavia Scandinavia, Norway reportedly name first appeared in the 9th century records, plateaus, mountains, glaciers more than two-thirds of the total territory.Norwegian coastline expertise, is one of the world’s major maritime country, from the Viking era, with natural geographical advantages attack on all fronts, each Norwegian ship began to run rampant waters, it seems we are entering the heart of the sea thieves of the year.Norway has one third of the land is within the Arctic Circle, a distant Miao Miao, the angle long, we seem to have a feeling of the end to the world.  Ferry dock full spend more than an hour.We join in the fun and we all went on deck to see how those sailors busy job.Show in front is located on the northern slope of the Oslo city, backed by towering Holmenkollen, on the verge of twists and turns of the Oslo Fjord, Castle Peak blue sea each other, beautiful scenery and no shortage of powerful momentum, the capital built in the early In 1050, when the pirate king Harold?Hudson Ladd named Oslo, which means “Valley of God”.In addition to the length and breadth of the Gothic church and the Lutheran Scandinavian Airlines striking glass and steel building, the entire Norwegian capital almost no high-rise buildings, mostly just fifty-six multi-storey buildings, with rich colors and medieval Nordic spectacular scenery.A time when China’s Spring in March, the northern part of Europe but it is a world of ice and snow, where the temperature is located in the edge of the Arctic, but also much lower than in Copenhagen.  Ton ships berthing at last victory, grabbing, under the cabin in droves.Sedan and wagon, roaring, rush out, crawling on the creaking deck, generally as beetles, sequentially landing.We tied the baggage in the baggage car, toss all the way down, Che Gulu crooked, groaning with pain go forward.As the crowd filed out row.We play that in mind, want to bypass the border entry, the entry does not indicate there must be a record time (to lengthen the duration of stay) on this passport.We installed muddle, dragging broken car went straight to the outlet of the container wharf, seeing only a stone’s throw from the street outside, a warm-hearted staff call, remind us the wrong road, he had to return.  We reluctantly returned medley, slowly moving toward Customs.Oslo harbor customs rubber stamp, like a third-rate theater in Shanghai wicket.Surrounded by wearing behave extremely eclectic Scandinavians, some bald, some sporting a bearded, wrinkled casual clothing, wooden nails black bow tie and a woman, told us to an unprecedented world, or is a reminder that we come from a closed society for a long time.In addition to our own unquenchable curiosity, no one will pay attention to each other surrounding.When we were about to move through customs, to the outside of the busy streets, or stopped giving.In addition to the Asian race features, we are at least at two different: shabby broken boxes and the upcoming retirement of luggage cart; we wore black woolen coat, are invariably two were inherited from my father there, it is Half a century ago the old Shanghai style.Came two female dressed in beautiful uniforms Norway, the Kingdom of the Coast Guard, it is polite to speak to us.Norway is known for gender equality, after seeing Oslo Mounted Police patrol, visible on many valiant horseback policewoman, on behalf of the late seventies out of the first female Prime Minister of Norway Gro.Buren Terai, outstanding achievements third term.It is said that the Earth’s high latitude countries more equal between men and women, because early to fishery, animal husbandry for a living, unlike the Agricultural Economy in low-latitude countries, for less demanding physically, also rare patriarchal ideology.  Norwegian female led us to side, up a plainclothes man, our two passports, in the hands covered with golden hairs on the slide for a long time, I found an entry permit in Norway, the Scandinavian countries citizens visa-free so even a Commissioner of India are not, immigration officials with a ballpoint pen to write on the edge of the date of entry visa, scrawled like doctors prescribe, of our two special guest, so it was a special treatment.  Out of the terminal, as usual, have to deposit luggage before traveling light, we went straight to the waiting hall, where the lockers of Denmark on the expensive five percent.But can not walk around carrying a pile of luggage, we make the best use of space, toss a half, finally all the things that are stuffed into a closet.  Landing this day, sunny, giant-shaped snowplow rumbling line, muddy streets, cars sped past, splashing dirty snow.No doubt this is one of the richest countries on earth, but my first impression is not ye, I am afraid and mood of great relevance.In downtown Oslo waterfront, a group of ancient and modern architectural style harmonious blend of building, Oslo is the seat of government agencies.In front of the plaza, unique shape, it has aristocratic style.Most European countries have retained the traditional bulky tram, represents the conservative nostalgia, Oslo is no exception.  The quayside, there are two Filipino girl kind of brings us to a tram, they just go the same way, right when our obligation to guide.And the Philippines later encountered the same girl, brown skin Both of these young women, giving a feeling of feminine.In the northernmost land on Earth, not to mention the Chinese people to see, even if the encounter Asians, will have a kind of intimacy.Who speaks English with a heavy accent, but very fluent.Both of these girls as maids in Norway.Philippine bilingual education, English as the official language, and forties who is related to the American colonies.The history of the Filipino has been ruled Spain and the United States, long-term cultural brainwashing, most devout Catholic, but also has a simple patience Asians, easy to integrate into another culture, people under Kan.Overseas Filipino maid said to more than three million, there are English-speaking “professional nanny” of reputation, has become a well-known brand -OFW “overseas Feilao”, known as the Philippines’ most important export “is definitely not kind words, when abroad commission, labor output, in the final analysis the word poverty, third world, poverty and hardships make people leave home and went to “Promised Land,” immigration has become the norm, not surprising.  Norway no ecological pollution, water can be directly consumed, the crime rate is almost zero, the best places in the world security.Per capita annual income of more than forty thousand dollars, almost every family has a private yacht, let alone a car, is free from primary to university education, even foreign students are no exception, unlike the Philippines, there are no poor people, and no beggars and homeless by Hans Christian Andersen, “the little match girl,” the tragic story has already become a thing of the past.Who wants to leave their homes, not in order to make a living, Philippines girl told us that they love the motherland, home easier said than done but, more importantly here basically reached Grant Thornton, said to the prime minister’s salary after tax, and people’s income is only twice the difference, even the pro-Wang Guoqi have been civilians, the Crown Prince and other dignitaries go out, usually without bodyguards.The Nordic countries are the world’s least corrupt places in the relevant departments, citizens can access at any time all public spending, including spending record every public official, by no means widespread corruption phenomenon frustrating their country, first lady of the Philippines in Iraq Merta?Marcos has four thousand pairs of shoes, hog, even our Chinese people has also been heard.  Two enthusiastic amateur guide told us that they are very satisfied with the current situation, the biggest desire is to find a future husband in Norway, there is a Yinanbannv, putting down roots.Unfortunately, most affluent Nordic fashion cohabitation life is not married, but life chic infertility, there is no “lack of filial piety, three, be without,” one said, generous welfare so that citizens feel the need to not get married, because cohabitants and non-State legitimate children of subsidies, far more than marriage and family.However, only by a Norwegian citizen and married foreign talent easily naturalization in order to obtain the right to settle, so hard to find Nordic Millionaire, the girls will become the Philippines biggest problem and troubled.  Jinling Hotel is located in the third district of Oslo, with the words of experts, a good port city.Vulgar intolerance flagship bit old, it seems the restaurant some years.This is a two-story floor of the restaurant, from a humble walk in the main entrance, is a small lobby, a little bit like grades of hotels in Europe waiting room, there to testify station purposes horseshoe foot narrow table, Alice head table stood tablets God of Wealth, smoke curl, incense constantly, showing that we Chinese people worship the virtues of piety.Two chairs a few just a decoration, not for guests to rest and for the time being, the center is a symbol of welcome and gas wealth of the Laughing Buddha and Chinese bonsai, placement of a side wall of electronic gambling machines, for guests to enjoy, another a small side slip counter, a row behind the counter display racks for laundry purposes registered guests.Down the stairs to go down, to the right of a street, horizon suddenly let go, it is the hotel lobby, flamboyant traditional Chinese decor and layout, numerous and compelling, revealing a Chinese restaurant usually introverted, rustic design, octagonal ceiling on a variety can be found engraved auspicious patterns, such as Jubilee Fukurokuju, like all the best.Series of black and red Chinese-style dining table, antique chair, also arranged Chinese paintings, lanterns and Yixing pottery and other traditional decorations, but it can play a finishing touch in space.Chinese people along with their culture, in every corner of the world can survive, which is admirable.