Those who can not afford to hurt the cattle physics years

In 1874, a 16-year-old German youth graduating from high school grades in the class only 23 people came in eighth, the teachers the impression that he is a good character in addition to the student outside can not see any other talent and talent, consolation is that he Marketer life-saving skills to play the piano.However, the young professional keyboard abandoned this promising line, resolutely chose physics, professor of physics at the University even tried to persuade him: all the disciplines have been studied over, back to the people even have soy sauce I did not have to hit.Said indeed, the late 19th century, declared the establishment of classical physics building, it is so close to perfect that God opened the big jazz Kelvin describe it: Men physics is now blue skies, except for the occasional smell of several flower small dark clouds.No problem the wrong professional, youth are faced with extremely bad teachers lecture.Youth boil in such a harsh learning environment over, completed a self-cultivation of a physicist, founder of the youth 名叫普朗克, quantum mechanics.After 20 years of time and then further push came in 1900, when another German youth coming up the country graduated university in Switzerland, of course, is still the specialty of physics can not afford injuries, due to the mediocre, young people staying in school as a teaching assistant desire declaration burst, looking for work also thwarted at every turn, that even the poor can not afford the rent.Old father old head once wrote to a friend to give his son a job, where the only consolation is that he tracked the only girl in the class universities, and soon escalated into a wife, the couple was to give the tutor to make ends meet.A year later, the father was introduced to the students of a university, young people entering the Bern patent office, became a junior inspector.Meanwhile, the youth wrote a letter to the University of staying PhD students boasted that: I do not know how you doing, go down a few papers on my hand, once issued to it, chances are you can change the whole physics look.Of course, the cattle are not just blowing, young man named Albert Einstein, behind the plot we are all familiar, in mid-1905, the youth breath published five landmark papers, including the creation of special relativity “On the move electrode kinetics “.After a hundred years, whenever physicists fondly recall those days, will this year be called Einstein’s Miraculous Year.And then further pushed 20 years, so we came to the magical land of Asia, India has a young Dhaka University lecturer, usually the class, doing experiments, spare time called Hair paper on “Journal of Philosophy” rotten publication in a irrigation for.In mid-1923, he wrote an article “Planck’s Law and Light Quantum Hypothesis” sent to the magazine, but soon rejected.It hit the youth was already expensive to simply as the Great God of Einstein wrote a letter, accompanied by his paper.In a letter from Einstein to turn many fans in this letter, gave a high evaluation, this paper will soon be translated into German and published in Germany, “Journal of Physics” on.Inspired by the youth of this paper, Einstein immediately published a paper “Quantum theory of the monatomic ideal gas”, and the establishment of quantum statistics of Bose-Einstein statistics.I forgot to tell you, this young man, called Bose.Two years later, professor of physics at the University of Dhaka selection, the absence of young people do not dare to apply for a PhD, so once again wrote to Einstein Neighborhoods.Einstein was shocked, why not actually so far Jun clever professor!Suizhi letter of recommendation to the University of Dhaka, so smoothly when Professor Bose.As you can see, some can not afford to hurt the youth created a new era of physics, and more young people walking down this road.The road is long, the sky above is overcast, but we have reason to believe that there will always be young and a basement, the head of the light of wisdom have so turned the moment, we illuminate the road ahead.And that way you go, are going to be some kind of landscape it?