Emperor Kang Xi and red mushroom tofu soup

Saying Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi see a thousand people in the southern provinces jointly appealed layers of officials taking bribes, bribes, corruption complaint framed good people, the emperor sent a request to inspect the south, fighting corruption.The court cited the southern part of the county, government officials colluded with rogue bureaucrats children all kinds of evil, oppress the people, corruption, cover up the bad guys, good guys framed, thrilling crime manufacture of miscarriages of justice.Kangxi Emperor was shocked after watching, determined to set off a nationwide rectification corruption movement, their own make-up inspections at the southern secret, returned to Beijing research punish bureaucratic corruption cases.  Kangxi Emperor entrusted the affairs of state prince and prime minister chaired, he took a large town house of General Lee and three eunuchs disguised as businessmen look together quietly from the capital, first in Guangdong, Fujian later, found counties, the city of layers officials have different degrees of corruption, if not to punish, bound to a slaughter.He visited Fujian is completed, because money spent, the government decided to take the silver back to Beijing, Fuzhou.When he passed Fuqing light Yin (new house) Sakamoto top street, hungry stomach, the top decision in Osaka street snack shop for dinner, Emperor Kangxi ordered Lee to a eunuch named Huang is good rest eat pastry shop.  Eunuch Li Huang boss is good set meals.He said to yellow is good: fast food stores what to cook for the three of us to eat.  Huang is good to see that look like to eat good food merchants, Lee said the eunuch: Keguan, it was getting dark, the store is no good food, only stew pasta with red mushroom fried bean curd soup.Kangxi heard him say on the side of the eunuch Li: I’m too hungry stomach, what to cook, as long as you can eat.  Lee eunuch asked: boss yellow, red mushroom tofu soup taste it?What is the raw material boiled?  Huang answer is good: Russula mushroom soup is red, a halogen tofu, fresh pig stomach, razor dry, a variety of seasonings soup boiled, simmered fried surface with light Yin it can be delicious.  Lee eunuch asked: What is light Yin fried noodles fried raw materials?  Huang is a good answer: wheat flour, sea clam, shrimp, oysters, fennel beans, leeks, celery, cabbage and other raw materials with high heat and fry seasoning to simmer.  Emperor Kangxi then said: okay!A staple food, civil and military range!This Road boss to civil and military noodle bar!But – first meal money owed until tomorrow morning to Fuzhou borrow, be sure to return.  Chiba three red mushroom soup with fried tofu stew noodles, repeatedly applauded.Emperor Kangxi praised the excellent taste, more than Mikuriya.After dinner eunuch Li said: We have spent the money for the journey completed, I’m sorry, but also staying one night.  Huang is good to hear smiled and replied: meals do not have to count, Keguan never too crowded shop, will also be a one night.  Huang is good to live in her boudoir let Kangxi, his room so that his wife and daughter to sleep, I slept on the floor in the hall.The next day Yellow Emperor Kangxi found sleeping on the floor is good, very moved, the eunuch named Li Huang is good copy down the address, to be brought to Beijing to pull the yellow boss, people repay kindness.  Huang called his wife out for good savings to one hundred and twenty eunuch Li as Beijing travel expenses.  Emperor Kangxi returned to Beijing, called on the prime minister and Prince reconsidered, corruption of officials in the southern provinces, bribery, corruption issues raised punish non-evil scheme, he decided to send a high-ranking official, gave gold and silver bullet, first punishing the southern provinces corruption, and on the way to the top of the Fuqing Street Osaka to return the borrowed yellow is good in silver.  Paul held with the prime minister visited the Ministry of Chang Shang and history of the town house of the great general, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces, punish corrupt officials, to correct the vindication of miscarriages of justice, relieve the victims taxes.Prior to departure, Kangxi suddenly occurred to me to eat red Yin mushroom soup and fried tofu stew noodles, but the chef can not cook.  Li Kangxi eunuch said to offer: the emperor eat both surface and soup can be ordered Zhang Shang Huang is good to have to adjust to Beijing.  Emperor Kangxi ordered the prime minister decreed, and asked the Ministry to take 1200 silver cross with Town Hall of the Great General History Department handed down together.  Zhang Shang Soviet with General after Guangdong, Fujian punish corrupt officials part, rushed to the street to find Huang Fuqing Sakamoto top for good.When they found in Osaka Top Street Huang is good shop is the county government closed down, you ask on the street neighbor, to know his son the governor of Fujian, is evil dude, see yellow as a good daughter looks beautiful, he ordered slaves to women caught in the House come, forced marriage, yellow for good daughter to marriage is not on, many times to commit suicide, it first had to be locked up.Huang sued the couple for good, is Fuqing magistrate on charges of false accusations jail.  Zhang Shang with Soviet generals with a gold medal and an effective weapon, the Fuzhou government Kill surrounded Government House, rescued yellow for good daughter, came Fuqing arrested Fuqing magistrate and emit yellow is good couple, on the spot read the decree, and gave yellow for good two thousand silver, and seal yellow for good seven items Mikuriya, re-ordered the whole family to Beijing.Governor’s son sentenced to three lives because even harm cases, beheaded, Fuqing evil magistrate official cover up the bad guys, it dismissed, exiled exile northwest.  Since then, the story of Emperor Kang Xi and red mushroom tofu soup has spread so far.Later, these two dishes, light Yin became famous dish, whether weddings banquet, there will be light red mushroom tofu soup and stew Yin fried noodles, red mushroom tofu soup is a red day is booming, booming.Noodles line length, expressed longevity Monkey.