Dumpling skin of love

He and she are Southerners, after graduating from college but had assigned to the northern cities.After working shortly after they were married, rented cottages very simple, he felt sorry for her, but she did not mind, saying softly: as long as the love come in, our cabin will be graced.It means to live the daily necessities.On one occasion, a Sunday, to improve the food, they want to learn as northerners dumpling packages.Good stuffing tone, face and also good.However, they do not know that one round dumpling skin is made of how.Like a long time, he began to study the design of hands.I saw him with a rolling pin to roll the dough sheets of big, then took out a small tea Wan, the bowl Flip on the dough, press down firmly, a round dumpling made on the.She was excited, she felt that this is really a romantic way.Of course, the buckle out of the bowl with a dumpling skin is too thick, after all, and, when boiled dumplings because heat is not controlled, cook dumplings broken a lot, but they feel that their own bag of dumplings is the most beautiful in the world cuisine.Later, she also learned about the Purpose roll dumpling skin, but at heart she wanted from colleagues; dumpling skin with our methods’s full of love.Gradually, their lives getting better and better, new points of spacious homes, with the expansion of business, he became very busy, but also with a lot of entertainment.Her work is relatively idle.Every time her husband comes home late, she always has a magazine, looking at no one waiting for him.However, she often wait until a covered with the alcohol, the color of his face tired, sometimes, not to say a few words.He had to sleep in the past.As they began to pique like other couples quarrel.There are times, extremely angry, he threw their wedding.Finally, she said softly: we separate it!He did not speak, he felt tired wire.However, on the point of love between them really did not yet?He hesitated.Later, he said: We’d eat dumplings meal reconsider this thing!She thought, agreed.She habitually to take frozen dumplings refrigerator, he stopped her: No, we did like the first, will you package yourself?She surprised a moment, his eyes shiny things there in a flash.And like everything in the past, they adjusted the filling, and good surface.He was a big roll the dough, she find the little bowl, in turn, forced deduction, it is made up of a round dumpling skin.Eat dumplings, none of them mention that matter, as if deliberately do not touch the painful memory segment.Since they sit chatting, talking about new things happening in their units.