China Assistance Cambodia National Stadium will be officially opened at the end of the year (Figure)

Data Map: The Chinese government aid stadium project completed the handover, and the reporter visited the National Stadium located in the Cambodian National Stadium.

The picture shows the audience stand, according to the introduction, the view is white with blue symbolizes the sea, and the red symbolizes vitality.

Reporter Ouyang Kaiyu photographed Cambodia National Stadium was designated by the Chinese government, China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Construction Co., Ltd. The project covers an area of ??approximately 16 hectares and a building area of ??10,000 square meters, which will become the main venues of the Southeast Asian Games in the 2023. According to reports, the design idea of ??the stadium comes from the rich traditional cultural elements of Cambodia. With a simple modern design, traditional elements such as Cambodia, ancient building ridges, etc., the traditional elements such as the ridge of the ancient buildings, are integrated with 99 meters high in the stadium.

The stadium human glyph tower pulled up the mask film above the viewer’s standing desk, just like a huge round raised.

At the same time, the overall planning thoughts of ancient Angkor Wat, formed a ring-shaped water surface surrounded by the stadium, in the architectural decoration style, and fully considered the local national characteristics, combining the elements of Cambodia flower.