CBA regular season fights Shanxi men’s basketball team

  Original title: Winning 55 On the key to see "Foreign" Shanxi Men’s Basket Convention Section The first stage of the game Preview Shanxi Guota Professional Basketball Club is October 16th, the 2021-2022 season CBA regular season is officially started.

This is the 16th season of the history of Shanxi Men’s Basketball, and the team once again initiated an impact on the playoffs. In the face of personnel replacement, tactical adjustment and limited funds, coach Yang Xue is optimistic: "I believe we can create better results.

"Sign an foreign aid, win the first stage of the regular season on the starting line, the Shanxi men’s basketball team is a team that can use foreign aid.

  It is understood that in 20 participating teams this season, only the Shenzhen team’s foreign aid wrap is registered.

The Shanghai team’s Franklin, the Beijing team’s Lin Shuhao and the Shanxi men’s basketball team have been in place, only the last step player registered.

  Under the context of the epidemic prevention and control, foreign aids come to the domestic competition.

For most teams, the first stage of regular season in October to November can only rely on domestic players to complete the game mission.

  In the CBA League, the personal compensation is super strong, in many times, I decided to match the game. After "Hand" in advance, Shanxi men’s basketball team should say that winning the starting line in this stage.

  Old will be a rookie, who is the key to the domestic players, the Shanxi men’s basketball team offensive is more on the first floor. At the front position, the Shanxi men’s basketball team introduced the two of Li Yanlin and Jia Hao in the summer.

22-year-old Jia Hao, three-pointer projection capabilities are "horror", and 32 three-pointers in training have been continuously hit.

The 23-year-old Li Yanlin has been played five seasons in the Cuba League (China University Student Basketball League), cut 1256 points, is the "historical score of the college player". Last season, Zhang Ning, who fed Shanxi men’s basketball team, after a season’s temper, has become the main attack point of the team’s attack attack.

"Three points Wang" originally handsome must not say more, he has always been the most stable firepower in the outside. In contrast, the team’s internal rotation player is limited, Ge Zhaobao, Yan Pengfei and Wu Wei can be described as heavy shoulders. The schedule is intensive, and the winning rate is expected to have a dense first phase of the schedule. Shanxi men’s basketball team will conduct a game. In this stage, the Shanxi men’s basketball team must communicate with the Liaoning team, the Xinjiang team, and the Guangzhou team, will also match the team of Ningbo, Nanjing team.

At 11 o’clock on October 17, Shanxi men’s basketball team ushered in the first game in the new season, and the opponent was Ningbo.

  Shanxi men in the rebuild, the overall lineup tends to be young.

Youth talented game is enthusiastic and has a certain impact. It corresponds to it that the entire team lacks the core player, which needs to be further grinded to form an overall fighting force.

Foreign aid Fernard with the ability and organizational ability is likely to become the spoon of the Shanxi men’s basketball team. From October 21st to 28th, Shanxi men’s basketball team will continue to confront with Xinjiang team (twice), Liaoning team and Beijing holding team. The results of these four games are likely to determine the final ranking of the team’s first phase.

(Reporter Yang Hull).